What To Expect of Cody Rhodes in WWE

The arrival of Cody Rhodes to WWE has been one of the most talked about subjects in the world of pro-wrestling. His return to WWE at WrestleMania was a success in all ways you look at it. But after all that, what’s next for the ‘American Nightmare’?

One of the biggest mistakes Cody Rhodes made in AEW was taking himself out of the world Title scene. In his first promo back with WWE, Rhodes mentioned his intentions of winning the WWE title. This was the right move from both parties, WWE is lacking on the main eventers department, and Cody Rhodes being inserted there helps both, especially since Cody has been presented so far as a star.

One thing Cody must do is not repeating the same mistakes he did with AEW, like alienating fans or other Cody-esque things. The more simple, the better.

In the short term, Cody seems to be going on the direction of going into a program with Rollins. In the long term he is going to clash with Reigns at some point or another. Cody being the one to dethrone Reigns after this dominant run he has had these last few years would be interesting.

so far, Cody Rhodes has been a home run for WWE and it all depends how all things go from here and what Vince’s McMahon’s plans are.