Tony Khan Says He’s Going In 100% For Supercard of Honor Show

Back in March, AEW President Tony Khan revealed that he is the owner of Ring of Honor. Khan purchased the promotion after questions of its future were still up in the air, as the company continued their hiatus through the first quarter of 2022.

Khan made the announcement that he would be booking Supercard of Honor on April 1st from Garland, Texas during WrestleMania weekend. This will be ROH’s first show back and first show with him at the helm. During a recent interview on  Busted Open Radio, Khan boasted about his PPV booking thus far and would detail what fans can expect for Supercard of Honor.

“I only know one way to do pay-per-view, It’s going 100% and doing the very best you can. So, I promise to make that pay-per-view great. I know that there are a lot of people that are going to be around the Dallas Metroplex area at that time. And, I’ll be honest, this is my first time going out there for that particular event weekend. It’s not normally something I would do, it’s not normally something AEW would do, and in fact, it’s not something AEW would ever do and we’re not doing it. Because the event had been scheduled in advance by Ring of Honor and the tickets had been sold, I really felt like the right thing to do, do right by the fans here, was to have the show and make it the best show I possibly could. Even though it’s unusual for us to go frankly into enemy territory and run a show that weekend, it’s normally something associated with smaller wrestling companies and something I didn’t wanna do. And that being said, since it was booked, and the fans were committed to it, I’m gonna go in 100% and make it the best possible thing I can. So, I never expected to be talking about WrestleMania weekend and the logistics of the shows there. I have been told that they booked this show a little bit out there, for what’s going on, and maybe a little bit off the beaten path, but I’m just going to tell everyone right now, it’s going to be worth it to come to the show. It’s going to be worth it to stay. I know that there are other people doing shows on Friday [April 1] night, but this is going to be the best one and I’m going to make sure that it is. People can troll and can say what they want, but the people that have actually ordered the pay-per-views know nobody does pay-per-view better at this point. And that’s not an opinion, that’s a fact. And so I will promise to deliver an awesome pay-per-view here. The best Ring of Honor pay-per-view I can possibly do.”

You can listen to Bodyslam’s Code of Honor podcast with Kyle Sparks and Kiley Fuller every Monday at 3 EST. This upcoming episode will be a preview on Supercard of Honor.

h/t Wrestling Inc

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