The wXw 16 Carat Gold Review And Results – A Must Watch For All Wrestling Fans

Whilst most of the wrestling world’s eyes were on AEW’s Revolution PPV this past weekend, on the other side of the Atlantic wXw Germany held Europe’s biggest annual Wrestling tournament the 16 Carat Gold.

The 16 Carat Gold weekend consisted of three 16 Carat Gold shows, an International showcase show featuring, Ambition 13 and an episode of wXw We Love Wrestling, most of which was streamed almost live via their own video on demand site wXw Now.

Bringing together 16 of the best independent competitors and 8 nationalities represented, including Robert Dreisker, Marius Al Ani, Maggot, Vincent Hisenburg and Michael Knight from Germany, Ace Romero and Jonathan Gresham from America, Lu Fisto from Canada, Cara Noir from England, Peter Tihanyi from Hungary, Fuminori Abe and Shigehiro Ire from Japan and Dennis “Cash” Dulling from Switzerland.

The first night of the 16 Carat Gold weekend featured all 8 of the first round matches. With night 2 playing host to the quarter finals as well as wXw unified World championship along with a tag team championship match, Women’s championship and more. The third and final night’s show had both the semi-finals and final, with more championship matches and few extra bonus matches.

Night 1 – Results

Robert Driesker defeated Fuminori Abe

Cara Noir Defeated Vincent Hisenburg

Peter Tihanyi defeated Aigle Blanc

Lu Fisto defeated Dennis “Cash” Dulling

Marius Al-Anid defeated Michael Knight

Maggot Defeated Ace Romero

Shigehiro Ire defeated Senza Volto

Jonathan Gresham defeated Bobby Guns

Night 1 was highlighted by the Aigle Blanc vs Peter Tihanyi and the Jonathan Gresham vs Bobby Gunns matches, arguably either match could be considered the match of the night depending on your personal preference of wrestling.

Tihanyi and Blanc put on a truly incredible showing with the two young competitors receiving the first this is awesome chant of the evening, both superstars hit a variety of high impact high flying offence, following the match the two got a deserved standing ovation. Gresham and Gunns was a far more technical match and much more hard hitting, it was also the main event of the evening and was noted as the longest match of the night, it was a true master class in European technical wrestling and should be watched by any inspiring wrestlers.

This is not to take away form any of the other matches on the night, I can honestly say there was not bad match and this opening round brought such a variety of wrestling styles and matches, no match was the same, they all felt unique in the their own way. Lu Fisto and Dennis “Cash” Dulling provided some comedy but was also hard hitting. We had three different approaches to the David and Goliath type of match in Robert Driesker vs Fuminori Abe, Cara Noir vs Vincent Hisenburg and Maggot vs Ace Romero. Finally Marius Al-Ani and Michael Knight and Senza Volto and Shigehiro Ire provided two excellent modern matches mixing high flying action with hard hitting stiff strikes and technical wrestling.

Overall the kick off show for the wXw 16 Carat weekend was almost perfect, 8 fantastic and unique matches, Driesker vs Fuminori was the best opener and Gresham vs Gunns was the perfect way to close the show.

Night 2 Results

Shigehiro Ire defeated Hektor Invictus replacing an injured Marius Al-Ani

Jonthan Gresham defeated Peter Tihanyi

Lu Fisto Defeated Maggot

Driesker defeated Cara noir

Bobby Gunns and Michael Knight win the Rott and Flot Tag Team Gauntlet match

– Rott and Flott defeated Norman Harras and Sebastian Suave

– Cash and Invcictus defeated Rott and Flot

– Cash and Invictus defeated Hisenburg and Baby Allison

– Aigle Blanc and Senza Volto defeated Cash and Invictus

– Gunns and Knight defeat Blanc and Volto

Vacant Shotgun Title Match

Ninja Mack defeated Ace Romero – Title Change

Tag Team Championship Match

Stephanie Maze and Fast Time Moodo defeated The Arrows of Hungary – Title Change

wXw Women’s Championship Match

Ava Everett defeated Iva Kolasky – Title Change

wXw Unified World Championship Match

Tristan Archer defeated Levanial, Jurn Simmons and Axel Tischer – Title Change

Arguably the best show of the three, night 2 had some truly fantastic matches and honestly the 4 men that stole night 1 pretty much stole night 2.

Jonathan Gresham and Peter Tihanyi was a truly fantastic match the audience was truly captivated by the 10 minute match, after his performance on night 1 fans were really behind Tihanyi given the performer a standing ovation once again. The other quarter finals were also brilliant we unfortunately did not get Marius Al-Ani vs Shigehiro Ire which is match I really want to see now but Hektor Invictus put up a great fight in another great match. The Robert Driesker vs Cara Noir was the most story driven match of the tournament continuing Driesker’s decent into becoming a heel, Lu Fisto and Maggot’s match also had some great spots.

Gunns’ and Blanc’s performances during the tag team gauntlet were once again fantastic the whole gauntlet match it self was tremendous each individual match within the gauntlet was layered with both story and great in ring action. There is so much to dive into with this tag team gauntlet from everything that happened between Rott and Flott and Invictus and Cash, the excellent team work from Aigle Blanc and Senza Volto, as well as the surprise teaming of Gunns and Knight a highly entertaining match.

The second half show was full of title matches where in every match the championship in question changed hands, starting with an extremely entertaining Shotgun title match with Ace Romero and Ninja Mack, Ninja Mack is ridiculously innovative and Ace was perfect for him to bounce off. The Tag Team Championship was excellent despite dropping the titles to Maze and Moodo the Arrow’s looked fantastic with some great double team moves and the way they isolated Maze for the majority of the match. A tremendous comeback from Moodo and Maze once Maze was finally able to make the tag and then emotional impact of Maze and Moodo finally recapturing the tag team titles after they had to give the titles up due to an injury to Maze.

The women did excellent job representing themselves on such a big stage Iva Kolasky continues to get better and better each time she gets in the ring, she is incredibly athletic and agile. Ava Everett had done a great job of getting the wXw Crowd to truly hate her in such a quick time she deserves to be applauded for this and her taking the title off Kolasky before disrespecting the actual champion was just icing on the cake.

Then there was the main event, Axel Tischer has defended his wXw unified World Championship in fatal 4 way against Levanial, Jurn Simmons and Tristan Archer, wXw treated this match as the main event, with each competitor getting a special entrance. What can can be said about this match it was heavyweight car crash and a good one at that, the action rarely let up with each competitor getting a chance to shine strong together with combinations of hard hitting moves. Some excellent near falls and false finishes that left the audience guessing who would come out on top, eventually due to some nefarious tactics Archer was able to come out on top leaving the live audience stunned but still applauding the fantastic match.

Overall night 2 could easily be argued was the best of three nights only just as night 3 was an incredible finale to the weekend that could be seen as the best night it may just come down to personal choice.

Night 3 Results

Robert Driesker defeated Lu Fitso

Jonathan Gresham defeated Shigehiro Ire

Baby Allison defeated Ava Everett

Cara Noir defeated Dennis “Cash” Dulling

Shotgun Title Match

Maggot defeated Ninja Mack, The Rotation and Ender Kara – Title Change

Axel Tischer defeated Fuminori Abe

Ace Romero, Senza Volto and Aigle Blanc defeated Peter Tihanyi and Arrows of Hungary

Jonathan Gresham defeated Robert Driekser – Gresham wins wXw 16 Carat Gold 2022

Gresham once again stole the show with two incredible matches, first against Shigehiro and then again against Driesker, the night started with Driesker squashing Lu Fisto and really setting the tone for the upcoming final with Gresham. Driesker’s natural size and new found attitude made Gresham an instant underdog, especially playing into the fact that Gresham had wrestled for far more minutes than Driesker, the German crowd got fully behind Gresham blowing the roof off the building when he had his hand raised in victory.

The Supporting matches added to the show in their own unique way. Cara Noir vs Dennis Cash Dulling was truly innovative with some really creative spots that has to be seen. The fatal 4 way for the shot gun title with Maggot, Ninja Mack, Ender Kara and The Rotation was absolutely nuts just crazy another match that has to be seen. Tischer and Fuminori put on a display of beautiful grappling and submission wrestling. The six man tag match was really entertaining. Ava Everett had done such a good job at getting her self hated that the crowd cheered for Baby Allison, someone the crowd usually detested.

Overall night 3 is likely to be seen as the most entertaining of the three shows giving it cause to be seen as the best night of the three despite the in ring action of night 2 being the better.

Final thoughts is that wXw 16 Carat Gold 2022 is must watch for any wrestling fan so much variety 3 incredible nights of wrestling and the fans were certainly a big reason for this, they made themselves heard on all three nights, with their chants and their cheers. The almost live edit streamed on wXw Now had few issues but nothing that took you out of the experience and Andy Jackson did great job on commentary with David Bradshaw despite English not being his first language.

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