WWE Was Also Contacted About Purchasing ROH

ROH is All Elite.

For week’s AEW President and CEO Tony Khan had been teasing a huge announcement, and boy did he deliver. During the opening of this week’s episode of Dynamite, Khan announced that he had purchased Ring Of Honor. However, things could have ended up a lot different.

According to Dave Meltzer on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, both WWE and AEW had a chance to buy Ring of Honor. Tony Khan made the better offer, and now he owns the promotion.

“Obviously, both WWE and AEW were contacted when the idea was to sell the company and AEW was the one that, obviously, made the better offer of the two and got the company. As far as what this means going forward, I don’t know. The tape library is very valuable to AEW because they want to do some sort of a streaming service. Whether they sell something to HBO Max or they do their own streaming service in some form. That amount of library with a lot of wrestlers, including, one of the keys to that library is Ring of Honor owned the All In show which is an important part of the history of AEW… Also, it had all kinds of tapes of Bryan Danielson and a lot of other wrestlers. The Young Bucks, some of Kenny Omega, Jay Lethal.”

It is a big deal what AEW and Tony Khan have managed to do in such a short time as a company, and now with the addition of ROH under the same umbrella and with rumblings that AEW may have made a deal with HBO-Max for streaming purposes the sky is the limit for this company.

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