Bellator 275 Live Coverage And Results

Live from the 3Arena in Dublin, Ireland, Bellator 275 begins at 6pm GMT with the internet prelims. The bout order is as follows:

  • Jamie “The Haymaker” Hay (2-0) vs Lee “Hammo” Hammond (1-0) Featherweight Bout
  • Scott “Denkharft” Pedersen (1-2) vs Nathan Kelly (3-2) Featherweight Bout
  • Kirill Sidelnikov (13-6) vs Gokhan Saricam (6-1) Heavyweight Bout
  • Daniele “Scat” Scatizzi (11-5) vs Vladimir Tokov (7-1) Lightweight Bout
  • Junior “Anasi” Morgan (3-0) vs Darragh “The Movile Mauler” Kelly (0-0) Lightweight Bout
  • Stephanie Page (5-3) vs Danni McCormack (5-0) Womens Strawweight Bout
  • Davy “Le Normand” Gallon (19-17-2) vs Charlie “917” Leary (17-11-1) Lightweight Bout
  • Khurshed “Killer” Kakhorov (8-0) vs Brett Johns (17-3) Bantamweight Bout
  • #9 Jomel “A1” Lugo (7-0) vs Brian “The Pikeman” Moore (14-8) Bantamweight Bout
  • Jose “Sasi” Sanchez (11-1) vs Khasan Magomedsharipov (6-0) Featherweight Bout
  • Abou “Yondaime” Tounkara (7-2) vs Ciaran Clarke (4-0) Featherweight Bout
  • #4 Leah “The Curse” McCourt (6-1) vs #5 Sinead “KO” Kavanagh (7-5) Womens Featherweight Bout
  • #1 Austin “The Gentlemen” Vanderford (11-0) vs (c) Gegard “The Dreamcatcher” Mousasi (48-7-2) Middleweight Title Bout

Lee Hammond vs Jamie Hay

The first bout of the night falls on the shoulders of Jamie Hay and Lee Hammond to open the internet prelims. Both fighters look loose and confident ahead of the bout. Early in round 1 Hammond drops Hay with a knee in the clinch. Hammond gets it done in one with some follow-up ground and pound, with no response or intelligent defence, the referee was forced to step in. Hammond moves to 2-0 and was congratulated by fellow SBC teammate Conor McGregor in the cage following his win.

Nathan Kelly vs Scott Pederson

The second bout of the night, still in the 145 pound division as Scott Pederson takes on Nathan Kelly. Early flurry from Kelly results in a clinch against the fence for some time. They go to the floor with Kelly maintaining control on the ground. They get back up with Nathan still maintaining control in the clinch, which leads to an inside trip and Kelly on top fighting for submissions and ground and pound, Kelly on top until the end of round 1. 10-9 Kelly.

Round 2 begins and in the first exchange Kelly tags Pederson, backs him up against the fence and brings him down to the ground in half guard once again fighting for subs and more ground and pound. Deep into round 2 Pederson looks tired but scores a takedown of his own landing in half guard and now its his turn to put down some ground and pound, Kelly gets back to his feet and turns the clinch around, before executing a trip and once again ending up in half guard once again. Kelly ends the round on top. A much closer round but 20-18 Kelly after two rounds.

Round 3 begins and within twenty seconds we’re back in the clinch against the fence, Kelly once again in control of the grappling exchanges, gets Pederson down to the ground with three minutes to work. Pederson tries to separate but ends up right back against the fence. Kelly controlled yet another round in the grappling exchanges and should win a judges decision. Great show of respect between the two fighters after the bell. Nathan Kelly takes the UD win on the judges scorecard to a huge response from the fans in the 3 Arena.

Daniele Scatizzi vs Vladimir Tokov

Early exchanges dominated by Tokov, Scatizzi struggling with the wrestling but the striking seems close in terms of speed and power. Tokov looks for a single leg and pays for it with some big elbows and punches from Scatizzi. They roll on the mat with Scatizzi ending up on top. Scatizzi controlling on the feet, Tokov controlling the wrestling. Close first round.

More striking in Round 2 from Tokov, landing big uppercuts through Scatizzi’s guard several times. Scatizzi starting to slow down on the feet. Another close round but Tokov likely 2 rounds up after two.

Round three is more of the same with Tokov landing the bigger shots. Not sure who took the round but it was a lot of swinging and missing from both fighters. Vladamir Tokov takes a 29-28 Unanimous Decision. A good technical fight.

Junior Morgan vs Darragh Kelly

Kelly opens up strongly with some leg kicks and a takedown with some powerful ground and pound. Kelly scores the first win of his professional career in the first round by submission via guillotine choke in a dominant performance, despite how short it was.

Stephanie Page vs Danni McCormack

Next up is strawweight action between Page and McCormack. Page drops McCormack early but McCormack shoots back up to her feet. Page winning the striking exchanges early. Lands some big shots and backs her up against the fence with more big overhands and hooks, several shots go unanswered and McCormack’s hand’s were low. Eventually McCormack gets into the clinch but she’s already taken too much damage and Marc Goddard steps in for the TKO win for Page. Page has a lot of power in her hands for a 155er. There were a lot of boos in the arena due to this stoppage but it was always going to be stopped after the unanswered shots.

Davy Gallon vs Charlie Leary

Back to the lightweight division next, with almost 60 fights between them, this should be a fun one. A lot of clinching once again with Leary chasing Gallon down in the opening minute trying to land a solid shot. Gallon making the most of the clinch situations with short strikes and foot stomps. They separated with 1 minute 40 on the clock. Leary trying to find a home for one big strike as he pushes the pace on the feet. 20 seconds left in the round and Gallon lands a judo throw armdrag that likely will steal him round number one.

Round 2 begins with another clinch after a short elbow from Gallon lands. Gallon heavily in control of the clinch exchanges. They separate and exchange on the feet with neither fighter landing anything significant early. Gallon with the takedown around the three minute mark, Leary tries to return to his feet and after initially being dragged back down, returns to his feet. They meet in the middle and Gallon lands a left and right hook that puts Leary on the canvas and after some follow up shots the fight is called. A great TKO victory for the Frenchman.

Khurshed Kakhorov vs Brett Johns Featured Prelim Bout

Both fighters out to great receptions, Johns in particular after letting out a war cry. Both fighters feeling each other out early in round 1, both throwing a lot of feints before Johns’ lands a big takedown, Kakhorov scoots to the cage as Johns lands some shots. Kakhorov gets back up but Johns continues to take him down. Johns is grinding Kakhorov out in the first round but Kakhorov isn’t panicking. John’s takes round 1. 10-9 Johns.

Second round begins and more of the same for Johns, Kakhorov grabs the fence to stay upright but Johns gets him down seconds later. More control from Johns in top position, unable to progress past half guard. Lands some ground and pound with some heavy elbows. Johns attempts to take his back briefly but cant as Kakhorov has his back to the fence, eventually Johns does take his back and flattened him out landing big ground and pound. Ref could have easily stepped in but let the fight go. Kakhorov needs a finish heading into round 3.

Round 3 returns to more of the same with John’s getting another double leg early. Kakhorov has no answer for the takedowns. Johns advances position, all the while landing shots, eventually he again takes Kakhorov’s back and finishes him with GNP. This is Brett Johns first win via strikes in nearly 10 years.

Main Card Begins: Jornel Lugo vs Brian Moore

Lugo begins round 1 in southpaw, neither fighter landing anything of note in the first minute. Moore drops Lugo with a right hook but Jornel spins it around and presses him against the fence. A lot of clinch work early on between the two 135ers. Moore manages to separate the clinch and they return to striking at range. Jornel lands a low blow shot around with around 45 seconds left in the round. Jornel happy to maintain distance and land his jab. They stand and swing with 10 seconds left but very little damage is done. Round 1 is close but I scored it 10-9 Moore.

Round 2 begins with some ranged striking with a lot of feints. They clinch against the fence with Jornel in control. Brian shakes him off and they reset in the middle. Jornel shoots for a takedown with 3 minutes left on the clock but Moore stuffs it and they once again reset. Moore lands another big shot as they clinch once again. Jornel eyepokes Brian, Moore takes some time but is ok to continue. Lot more clinch work with very little action, Brian is pushing the pace however and for that reason I’d give him round 2 also, putting him 20-18 over Jornel.

Round 3 starts with a brief exchange where Moore is dropped to a knee, he survives and backs away. They continue to exchange in the pocket with both landing huge shots. An early knockdown for Jornel but Brian pops back up and is the fighter pressing forward. very, very close fight that could go either way. Jornel Lugo takes the UD win 30-27, 29-28, 29-28.

Jose Sanchez vs Khasan Magomedsharipov

Khasan out to a Dagestani flag rather than Russian. Round 1 begins as both fighters land small shots to begin, Sanchez pushes Khasan against the cage but they separate. Khasan attempts a flying knee early but its stuffed. They return to the clinch but this time Khasan is in control until Sanchez explodes out of it. A lot more clinching and strikes inside. Khasan gets the takedown with a minute on the clock. He controls for the rest of the round on top.

Round 2 begins with Khasan throwing a leg kick, Sanchez attempts a clinch but Khasan reverses the position again. Khasan gets the takedown but Sanchez works his way back up using the cage only to be brought back down again. Khasan eventually takes the back but cant get the hooks in for a RNC, Sanchez attempts to roll through but Khasan holds him down, remaining on his back landing good shots trying to get the neck. With 30 seconds to work Khasan has a body triangle and one hook in. Round ends with Khasan controlling Sanchez until the bell.

Jose Sanchez needs a big moment in Round 3 to win this fight. They immediately clinch once again against the fence. Magomedsharipov gets another takedown with about 3.45 left in round 3. Khasan seems happy to ride out the rest of the fight in Sanchez’s guard and he does so. Should be an easy decision win for Magomedsharipov. 30-26, 30-27 and 30-27 for Khasan with a UD win.

Abou Tounkara vs Ciaran Clarke

Both fighters out to a massive reception as Clarke is cheered amazingly, with Tounkara receiving thunderous boos. Clarke with an early takedown attempt, stuffed by Tounkara but they remain pressed up against the fence, they return to the feet and Tounkara lands some huge shots and takes Clarkes back but Clarke slowly returns to his feet only to be brought back down. Ciaran slips out of an armbar attempt and ends up on top with 60 seconds left in the round. Tounkara has a kimura but lets it go as Clarke advances. Tounkara’s round. 10-9 Tounkara.

Some confusion briefly but during the exchanges Tounkara’s shoulder was hurt and he can’t answer the call to the second round handing Ciaran a doctors stoppage victory. Likely a full dislocation.

#4 Leah McCourt vs #5 Sinead Kavanagh

Both women come out to a massive reception ahead of this all Irish women’s featherweight match-up.

After a brief exchange to open round 1, McCourt scores a takedown and moves into side control as Sinead attempts to shimmy her way to the fence. Sinead reverses position with a Kimura sweep and looks seconds away from submitting McCourt but Leah survives, and they return to their feet to close out the round. BIG moment for Sinead Kavanagh! 10-9 “KO”.

They clinch early in round 2 with Sinead controlling the exchanges despite her leg bucking a few times. But Sinead continues to control the clinch throughout the round. Leah attempts a headlock throw but Sinead rolls through it and remains in control. Sinead lands some big GnP before her leg gives out and appears to have an injured knee. but she can still answer the call to the third.

Round 3 starts with Leah McCourt landing several leg kicks to the injured leg. Sinead clinches, looking to help her knee get to the final bell. Leah scores a trip takedown and ends up on top with 3 minutes to work. She has an arm, but Sinead avoids the damage and rolls through. Sinead is more than happy to ride out this round on the ground and looks like she will take the judges decision despite her injury. 29-28, 29-28 and 30-27 for “KO” Sinead Kavanagh! Scott Coker confirms on the broadcast that Cyborg is next.

Gegard Mousasi (c) vs Austin Vanderford: Middleweight Title Bout

And at the end of it all, we are finally here. The Middleweight Title fight between Gegard Mousasi and Austin Vanderford. Early on the two trade shots but after a failed takedown attempt, Mousasi lands repeated unanswered shots, hurting Vanderford badly and forcing the referee to step in! And Still middleweight champion, Gegard Mousasi.

That concludes the results and coverage of Bellator 275.