Circle 6 Set For First Show on March 19th In Los Angeles

Los Angeles is in for a treat on March 19th, as Circle 6 present Skewered. The event emanates from the 1720 Warehouse in Los Angeles and features a myriad of some of the top Deathmatch stars in the country, including Atticus Cogar. Robert Martyr, Greg Iron, Rickey Page, Masada and Jacob Fatu are also set for the event.

Los Angeles and the state of the overall West Coast independent wrestling scene has had their fair share of successful promotions and events to have been held in the region. From DEFY running out of Washington, Prestige out of Oregon, West Coast Pro from San Francisco and PWG from Los Angeles, all of the aforementioned companies feature raucous, diehard fan bases.

The one thing missing from the West Coast scene is a promotion that is more driven to the deathmatch style of wrestling. The West Coast doesn’t have a CZW where blood, glass, barbed wire, light tubes are the go-to methods of inflicting violence. GCW does visit occasionally throughout each quarter of the year, but there isn’t a set deathmatch promotion in the market that’s clearly vying for it.

GCW Blood on the Hills was my pick as event of the year, the main event was the brilliant yet utterly violent No Rope Barbed Wire match between Atticus Cogar and Jordan Oliver. If you have not seen it, please check it out as some of the spots they did were insane. With that being said, I am more than thrilled for this event being put together by Circle 6 as I believe this event could be the start of something the West Coast independent scene could take full advantage of. The show has only announced six wrestlers, however the six so far are some big names. We have Atticus Cogar, who I believe is the next villainous heel in wrestling. A man if given the time and platform could rival the heel runs of many before him. Next, Rickey Shane Page, another standout who I have never seen live, yet following his feuds with Tremont, Gage and countless have been a fan. The third announced was Jacob Fatu, this man is fear imbodied he has the size, the speed, the agility and can instantly become unhinged which is a beauty to watch. The most recent announced wrestler is Masada and well I can write a whole new article on him and his importance but that can be for another day. So far, with just these four alone the event will be violent, bloody, and utterly fresh to Los Angeles.

I for one cannot wait to watch who else gets announced and will be there in attendance and providing live tweet coverage of the show. Be sure to follow all Bodyslam platforms for coverage.

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