Sasha Banks Talks About Bianca Belair And Her Natural Talent

Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks made history by being the first two black women to ever headline WrestleMania, and they were are also the first women to headline WrestleMania in a singles match.

Sasha who has been in the business a lot longer, and carved a different path than Belair recently sat down with Mark Andrew’s podcast, My Love Letter to Wrestling, would go on to speak rater highly of her.

In the interview, Sasha noted Belair’s ability to balance her personal life with life on the road as a WWE Superstar. She would also talk about Bianca’s natural athletic ability.

“To have our schedule and to still make gear, and to be a wife, to be an athlete, and to do so much. I’m like, You are legit. Whatever ‘The EST’ means to you, you are it. and to have someone so talented to come in so fast and just kind of get it so well is very rare, and to have not an independent background in wrestling, that is just so crazy to me. That’s just natural talent.”

Sasha and Bianca have yet to revisit their Wrestlemania 37 match. They were supposed to work again at SummerSlam 2021 but instead, Sasha was pulled and Becky lynch would return and beat Belair in 30 seconds.

We will have to see if we get a runback of the match anytime in the near future.

H/T Fighful for quotes.

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