Last week, Mustafa Ali announced his request to be released of his WWE contract. A week later and WWE has rejected his request despite having no idea what to do with him for many years.

The hashtag #FreeAli was created after the news of WWE refusing to release Ali was known. The next couple of days, the hashtag has been trending on Twitter. It even got to the point of the WWEonFox social media guy having to mute the hashtag for the account due to the massive responses it was generating. Sorry to break it to you WWE social media guy, but the hashtag will not slowdown, especially when fans are seeing something unfair happening in front of them.

WWE has never been able to figure out what to do with Ali. Vince McMahon pitching Ali something he was not comfortable doing was the last straw.

It sure is very interesting how when Toni Storm asked for her release, it was granted inmediately but when Mustafa Ali asked for his release it was denied as soon as possible. A very interesting case. I wonder why? Mmmm… Makes you think.

Ali always had the support of fans despite WWE and their lack of plans with him. The hashtag #FreeAli is just an example of how appreciated Ali is by fans and wrestlers from other companies and indies.

Ali should be allowed to leave a promotion that simply doesn’t want him and be able to do his craft in place where he’ll be appreciated.