West Coast Indie Wrestling Scene

Living on the West Coast, indie wrestling had its great run of events.

For so long most if not all of these great events were done by PWG Wrestling. I had been following PWG since 2010. It was here that I branched out to other promotions. ROH, CZW, NJPW, NOAH and from that point it was off to the races watching and catching up with all of the great wrestling.

PWG was the end all and be all for a lot of Indy wrestlers. If you ask or just watch some of the matches from those years to present you could see that every since performer always did something extra or special in those matches. Reseda, CA was one of the hot spots for Indie wrestling.

Nowadays, PWG has moved on to the Globe Theater in Los Angeles, CA, another great venue and still one of the stops for all of the great and upcoming Indie wrestlers. However, PWG for all the great it has been for Indie wrestling in the West Coast and blossomed into this new age boom. Now we have promotions like Prestige, Defy, West Coast Pro, GCW among all of the schools putting out shows like Santino Bros Academy, KnoxPro among others.

PWG will always hold a special place in my heart, as so many of my favorite wrestlers came and went through that promotion. Whether it was in Reseda or the Globe Theater, Adam Cole, Kevin Steen, Lucha Bros, Chozen Bros, Young Bucks, the Rascalz who I never missed a title defense of their long reign. I am proud to be a part of the West Coast Wrestling scene and to continue to provide live tweet coverage for PWG along with GCW in 2022.

I will be doing my best to cover other promotions like Defy, Prestige, West Coast Pro and even some of the academies. I want to expand everyone’s knowledge and attention to all stars, whether they are returning, debuting or on the rise.

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