AEW Rampage Live Results & Recap – 1/21/22

It’s AEW Rampage tonight and Bodyslam has you covered with live play-by-play results! Start time for AEW Rampage is at 10:00 PM EST. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below.

AEW Rampage is live from the Entertainment and Sports Arena in Washington, D.C.. It’s a packed show tonight with multiple matches and segments announced ahead of the show:

  • Jon Moxley makes his much anticipated return against “All Ego” Ethan Page.
  • Jade Cargill defends the TBS Championship against Dark Order’s Anna Jay.
  • Nick Jackson takes on Trent in a singles bout. It was originally scheduled as a tag with the Young Bucks taking on Rocky Romero and Trent, but plans were changed this morning as Romero announced he tested positive for COVID.
  • HOOK makes his live TV debut against Serpentico.

Results for AEW Rampage 1/21/22

  • Jon Moxley v. “All Ego” Ethan Page – JON MOXLEY WINS BY SUBMISSION (BULLDOG CHOKE)
    Jon Moxley made his much-anticipated return to a thunderous pop from the DC crowd. He looked lean, mean and ready to destroy Ethan Page. They pair engaged in an exchange of strikes before brawling to the outside. The pair brought the action back to the ring, where Page worked on Mox as he was slumped on the ropes. Mox turned it around with some shoulder thrusts in the corner, but fell to the outside after Page dodged a corner spear that sent Mox into the ring post. Mox rolled outside and the pair brawled on the floor during a picture-in-picture break.
    We came back from break to find Moxley on Page’s shoulders for the Ego’s Edge, but Mox reversed it into a schoolboy for a two count. A German suplex from Mox led to an attempted Paradigm Shift, which Page escaped before hitting a brainbuster on Mox. Mox took Page to the outside where he put his foot on the gas and dove onto Page with an elbow suicida. Page rolled back into the ring and hit Mox with an avalanche powerslam for a two count. They exchanged pins back and forth before Mox brutalized Page with a series of strikes and knees to the head, submitting him with a bulldog choke.
    Following the match Mox kicked Page in the stomach and dropped him with a Paradigm Shift before exiting through the crowd. During the exit he was confronted by a silent Bryan Danielson. The two stared each other down and the show cut to a backstage promo from Jurassic Express.
  • Backstage segment:
    Jungle Boy talks some trash about Billy Gunn and the Ass Boys (Gunn Club).
  • Nick Jackson w/ Matt Jackson & Brandon Cutler v. Trent Barretta w/ Orange Cassidy – TRENT WINS BY PINFALL (THE CRUNCHIE)
    Despite being two pillars of AEW’s tag team division this is a first time match-up in an AEW ring. The pair opened with an early exchange that led to Nick’s signature springboard armdrag. They continued trading offense and as Nick attempted a springboard into the ring a waiting Trent caught him in a Northern Lights suplex. During the bridge from the suplex Trent winced, breaking his pin. Trent is returning from several months off due to spinal fusion surgery to correct his spinal stenosis. Jackson took control and got Trent outside the ring, hitting him in the back of the neck with his signature running kick from the apron. He took Trent back inside and we cut away to a commercial break.
    We come back from break to see Nick attempt a senton off the top rope but caught Trent’s knees. This quickly led to a running knee from Trent for a two count. The action spilled back outside where Trent caught Jackson with a solid spear. They made it back into the ring where Trent landed a backdrop driver and a tornado DDT onto Nick for another two count. Referee Rick Knox got tangled up in a transition leading to Trent’s momentum being stymied. Jackson tried a springboard from the apron to the ring but Trent pushed him off, leading Nick to hit him in the gut to set up a Canadian destroyer for another two count. The two returned to their feet and exchanged stiff, New Japan-esque shots. As Nick attempted a superkick it was caught by Trent, who spun Jackson into a half-and-half and a piledriver for a two count. Trent attempted to powerbomb Nick on the entrance ramp but was reversed into a back drop. Jackson took to the top rope and hit a senton to Trent on the ramp, bringing him back into the ring for a 450 splash as well. Trent kicked out of the 450, survived a superkick, and caught Nick Jackson with a Crunchie for the pinfall win.
  • Video package featuring Mercedes Martinez and Thunder Rosa
    Mercedes Martinez says her first priority in AEW is taking out Thunder Rosa, who responds saying she welcomes the challenger.
    This was just a decimation of Serpentico by HOOK. He hit him with every variation of a suplex you can think of before locking in the Redrum from behind for a standing choke out.
    Following the match we saw QT Marshall come out to call HOOK a punk as HOOK tried to walk away. He grabbed HOOK’s arm, only to end up in a Northern Lights suplex as HOOK Iverson stepped over him to walk up the tunnel.
  • TBS CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Anna Jay w/ Jon Silver v. Jade Cargill (c) w/ Smart Mark Sterling – JADE CARGILL WINS BY PINFALL (JADED)
    Prior to the match we saw Mark Henry interview the two combatants. Jade dismissed Anna and put herself over. Anna said she knows how to be tough, and tonight TBS stands for “That Bitch Slayer”.
    We got into the match and Anna Jay started out getting some offense in early before Jade overpowered her, eventually throwing her to the outside. Jade and Jon Silver got into a stare down and flex-off outside before Anna Jay came flying in with a VERY snug forearm to Jade’s jaw. Anna brought her back inside but Jade took over with her power again, beating Anna in the corners during a picture-in-picture break between sets of push-ups.
    Coming back from the commercial we saw Anna Jay take over with a series of kicks and a flatliner in the middle of the ring. This prompted Mark Sterling to get on the apron, until Jon Silver got hungry for a brainbuster. Jade capitalized on this before Anna sunk in a Queenslayer, her signature choke-out. Jade got to her feet while Anna was still wrapped around her back and got the challenger off of her. The two ended up in the opposite corner where Jade tossed her like a sack of potatoes to the middle of the ring. Jade picked Anna up for Jaded, dropped her face to the mat, and made the pin to retain her TBS Championship.

It was great to see the women main event on Rampage again, and for two competitors with less than 80 combines matches between them we certainly got an excellent main event.

AEW returns to the screen on Wednesday, with Dynamite’s Beach Break special episode that will feature Adam Cole v. Orange Cassidy in a Lights Out match, and Sammy Guevara faces Cody Rhodes in a ladder match to unify the TNT title.

Keep it locked to Bodyslam. We will have you covered with live results and highlights throughout the show!