AJ Gray Reveals Why He Called Out Eddie Kingston

Game Changer Wrestling’s AJ Gray made some headlines when he called out AEW’s Eddie Kingston for Hammerstein.

AJ Gray had previously challenged Kingston for a match at the upcoming The WRLD on GCW show being held at Hammerstein Ballroom on January 23rd. According to Wrestlinginc.com, however, due to Kingston’s recent injuries he will NOT be at the show.

 AJ Gray would have this to say:                                        

“Because I mean, shit I’m trying to pick the baddest of the bad, motherfucking toughest of the tough. It was a respect thing until he started talking all this shit in his interviews. “

Gray would briefly reflect on his history with Kingston during their time together in the Second Gear Crew faction. AJ Gray would admit he’s not certain if Eddie is still part of the faction or not as he walked away.

“Well for three straight years, we were on the road together. Well, not three. I’d say about two straight. We seeing each other at every show every time we’d go out. That’s why SGC got formed. Even though I wanted to kick some ass that night, but hey, no harm no foul. I mean he’s the one that walked away from everything, shit I don’t know.”

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