Exclusive: Additional Notes On The WWE Departure Of Toni Storm

Earlier today, news broke that WWE had released Toni Storm.

Updates from Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, and other reports PWInsider revealed that Storm had asked for her release, and that she had flown herself home last night after working a triple threat match at a WWE Live Event House Show.

Fightful’s report also added that the internal memo which was sent out by WWE regarding Storm’s release did not cite “budget cuts” as the reason, as has been the case for the recent waves of talent cuts. The report added that many within WWE were “blindsided” by the news of Toni Storm requesting her release from WWE.

I asked around and my sources confirmed to me that Toni Storm did fly out last night following the WWE Live Event, and added that she paid out of her own pocket to fly herself home. I was told, “Turns out, Toni didn’t exactly request her release… she just up and quit. Worked a triple threat at a house show last night and then paid out of her own pocket to fly herself home.”

Additionally, it was stressed to me that “WWE handling it as her asking for her release and then them granting it, because after so many talents were released due to “budget cuts” this year, it’s like “meh.” “

To further back up Sapp’s report of the roster being blindsided by the news, per a female WWE main roster talent: “It’s f*cking wild. She’s just gone. Didn’t really tell anyone.”

I was also told that Storm may have asked for her release today, but “she straight up flew herself home after working the triple threat last night and quit. Took everyone by surprise.”

We will keep you updated if we hear anything more about Toni Storm’s WWE departure.

(Please credit Cassidy Haynes and when using this news.)

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