Draws In Pro Wrestling

Draws in Pro-Wrestling have existed for a very long time. Most fans, especially those in the US are not used to the concept of a draw due to two big reasons. One, Vince McMahon doesn’t like them has voided using this resource for the most part, and two, American sports leagues don’t function with draws like you see with Association football in the rest of the world as an example that uses draws.

AEW has brought back the concept of a draw for pro-wrestling in the US, and it has received criticisms for the use of them. The first draw in AEW was the first match between Cody Rhodes and Darby All in. The match helped establish Darby as someone on the same level as Cody and that draws are possible in AEW.

AEW is not the first major promotion to bring draws to wrestling again. NJPW has used them when needed to tell a story, like we’ve seen in the second Omega vs. Okada match or even in the G1 climax tournament to add more excitement to the tournament and it’s point system. This more than anything is something puroresu (japanese wrestling) uses to it’s advantage more often than you think, with NOAH and their N1 tournament or Stardom and feud between Utami and Syuri this year.

Promotions like AEW always have to face the uphill battle of people being too used to WWE’s way of booking and draws is just another example of it. People just can’t comprehend a promotion doing things different from Vince McMahon and his booking.

The story of Hangman and Danielson benefited from that draw and most importantly it makes sense both story-wise and business wise with having the rematch on the first episode of Dynamite on TBS.

The problem some people have with draw for the most part comes for their limited view in wrestling and ignoring other promotions around the world and the history of this sport.