Natalya Training Liv Morgan in The Hart Family Dungeon

On a recent episode of Tuesday Wrestling Tuesday with Jonathan Hood, Natalya revealed she has been training with Liv Morgan for over a year. Like the Hart family before her, Natalya owns a training facility dubbed “the dungeon” that she uses to train talent alongside her husband, T.J. Wilson. The dungeon is an invite-only facility that trains an “elite group” of performers and talent. “She will get off the plane and come and train with me and my husband and a few of the other superstars that come in and train with us,” Natalya said regarding Morgan’s time as the Dunegeon, “it’s a very special, elite group that come in and hone their craft.”

Natalya provided details on the dungeon on an April 2021 episode of Out of Character with Ryan Satin, where she revealed the difficult training she would undertake with Sasha Banks. In that interview, Natalya stated that “the ring allowed us a resource to help other people.” Given the caliber of talent training at the dungeon and the knowledge Natalya and T.J. share, Liv Morgan is in great company.

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