FTR Reveal They Don’t Have Much Time Left On Their AEW Contracts

FTR recently appeared on Barstool Rasslin’ where they spoke about their goals for 2022.

They have been successful in 2021, but Cash Wheeler opened up about what they want to do moving forward. He believes that they will claim gold again and he also touched on possibly facing two popular tag teams.

“I think we are going to be the first-ever two-time AEW Tag Team Champions. In 2022, we are going to get the titles back and we are going to have the title run that we should have had the first time where we are world-beaters. We will defend it every time we get in the ring, But we are never going to lose those again. A rematch with The Young Bucks. Beat the sh*t out of The Briscoes, hold titles everywhere.”

 Harwood would then go on to comment on their future as a tag team. He revealed they don’t have long left on their AEW contracts, but they want to make an impact before it expires. He also claimed that they want to win gold in Japan at some stage next year.

“There’s a difference between having great tag team matches and being a great tag team. I think 2022 going forward, we can be in that same conversation with Arn and Tully, Midnight Express, and Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. That’s my goal for 2022 Because we don’t have very much longer on these current contracts. I don’t know what’s going to happen from there, but we have a short amount of time to accomplish the things we want to accomplish. Like winning the IWGP Tag Team Championships, obviously two-time AEW Tag Team Championships, proving that we are the best.”

FTR showed up at ROH’s final battle to confront The Briscoe Brothers after the two teams had gone back and forth on social media.

Below is the full interview with FTR.

H/T to Ringsidenews for quotes.

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