Hana Kimura’s Mother To Sue Fuji TV

Back on May 23, 2020, the news broke that Japanese wrestler and rising star Hana Kimura had passed away after committing suicide at the age of 22.

The star would become the target of a barrage of hateful messages on social media, after a confrontation while she was appearing on a popular Japanese reality show “Terrace House”. Terrace House is a show that features six young people who share a home while looking for love.

Earlier today, the young star’s mother announced, along with her legal representation, that she would be filing a lawsuit next year. The suit is against the show’s Japanese broadcaster and a production company. They are seeking compensation for the suicide of her daughter.

While speaking at a press conference (via Japan Times)  in Tokyo with her lawyer, Kyoko Kimura said she wanted Fuji Television Network Inc., and the production company, to “sincerely” investigate the reason for her daughter’s suicide. She also wants them to “clarify in court whether the human rights of the cast were protected.”

According to Kimura and her legal team, the lawsuit will focus on whether Fuji Television and the production company intentionally staged and edited scenes to portray the cast in a demeaning manner. It also seeks to hold both companies accountable for continuing to broadcast the series despite Hana engaging in self-harm after a March 2020 episode. The episode showed her losing her temper, and triggered the cyberbullying against her.

Weeks before her passing, Kimura would send out tweets saying that the producers “don’t treat the cast like human beings.”

Hana was taken from the earth too early and had a lot to offer. If you know anyone dealing with issues similar to Hana, the national suicide prevention number is 1-800-273-8255.

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