More Details on Kevin Owens Re-signing with WWE

It was recently reported by Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful that Kevin Owens had re-signed with WWE. In addition to this news, additional details were published on Fightful Select. It is reported that Owens’ deal was originally scheduled to expire in 2019, but had been restructured to expire in January 2022. WWE and Owens began negotiations in the fall of 2021, which is noted by Fightful as a detraction from the usually negotiation process.

WWE is reportedly “over the moon” about retaining Owens and paid a high price to do so. AEW talent who spoke with Fightful said they did not think AEW could match the offer given to Owens by WWE, though there was likely interest on both sides.

Owen’s new deal is reportedly a multi-year deal, though the length of the deal has not been reported.

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