Independent Wrestler Hannibal Assaults Referee with a Spike

During a match against Carly Colon (formerly known as Carlito), independent wrestler Hannibal “the Bloodhunter,” whose real name is Devon Nicholson, took liberties on an official with a spike.

Going off script, Hannibal proceeded to stab referee Lando Deltoro with a spike, causing Deltoro to suffer a torn artery in his head. Lando is said to be stabilized in the hospital, but had been bleeding out inside of the ring. Deltoro was choking in a pool of his own blood before EMT’s could get to him.

Hannibal uploaded a video of the incident to his YouTube channel, in an attempt to generate clips. You can see the video below. Warning: the content below is graphic.

The referee in the match, who isn’t Deltoro, commented on a Reddit post with more details. The cops were called and the referee gave a statement that he believed this was assault. According to the referee, wrestling legend Kevin Sullivan told him to “kayfabe the cops.” Of course, “kayfabe” being the term to “protect the business” and that “everything that happens is a work.” He also noted that Hannibal was visibly unwell prior to the match-up.

“As a ref, the most critical thing I can offer the people I work with is that I will make sure they are safe, and I feel like I completely failed at that,” noted the referee in an update, “I should have stopped the match immediately when I noticed something was off. I apologize for that.”

UPDATE: Deltoro has issued a statement via Twitter. will keep you updated as the situation progresses. You can support Lando Deltoro by donating to his GoFundMe.