Brendan Bradley’s Book Reviews: “Slobberknocker” by Good Ole J.R.

Hello, everyone! 

Welcome to my review of the first of two autobiographies penned by the voice of AEW, himself—the pro wrestling legend—good ol’ JR, Jim Ross. 

*Cue the Oklahoma Sooners Fight Music*

This book was written by JR, himself, with a little help from Paul O’Brien. 

It covers his time growing up as a child, all the way until WrestleMania 15.

So, primarily, this book details the ins-and-outs of his time with the NWA’s flagship territorial promotion– “Jim Crockett Promotions” (once known as Mid-Atlantic Pro Wrestling–before territory after territory collapsed under the weight of greed, bad business, and the crushing success of Vince McMahon–by the mid-1980s, the regional distinction was no longer considered necessary). JCP wouldn’t last, however, and it soon transitioned into World Championship Wrestling, following a buyout of the company by “Billionaire Ted” (Turner).  In both JCP & WCW, Ross conveyed each of the dual stories of his life; the one he lived in front of the camera, and the experiences he accrued behind it.

Turns out, JR had a knack for talent scouting.

When his time in WCW came to an end, the book details Ross’ point of view in his new home, the World Wrestling Federation, which was about to embark upon its most successful period to date–“The Attitude Era”.

JR doesn’t talk all business, though. You will also find some entertaining anecdotes about his childhood and personal life, which I enjoyed, since Jim Ross has always been a very reserved kind of person in my view.  I appreciated that he let his guard down a bit and told us fans some stories and secrets that “we’d” likely never have known, had “we” not picked up this book. 

Honestly, this book has a nice mixture of everything; humor, heart, and life lessons are interwoven and ever present throughout Slobberknocker.

Very well-written, I breezed through it quite quickly, since, after I started reading it–I couldn’t put it down. I’m confident that, if the faithful took a chance on this book, you would all agree in relation to its entertainment value. 

What is particularly remarkable about this book, is there is something for everyone here–even if you’re not a wrestling fan. Considering this website’s demographic, though, please, don’t take that the wrong way. There are definitely some very cool wrestling stories, so fear not, my fellow fans. You’ll definitely learn a thing or two about the business.

In conclusion, this is well worth a pickup. If possible, to save some money, you could do yourself a favor and check out Amazon for a combo deal.  That enables you access to not only Slobberknocker, but also JR’s second book, Under The Black Hat–which, I’ll be reviewing in December–for a little less than buying them independently. I think it’s there–pretty sure, considering the fact that I received this book from my parents last holiday season via those thrifty means.

Really quick, as always, I just want to thank you all for taking time out of your day to read this. I appreciate your support–it means a great deal to me. If you like this article and this website (check out the rest of the website–because we have an OUTSTANDING team, here @bodyslamNET ), you should follow me on Twitter, @coolguysince01,  to keep up on my future projects, such as my aforementioned review of JR’s second book, and–you know what?

It’s that time of year, isn’t it?

MOTY season.

Typically, I do a Top Ten Matches of the Year–but this year? 

This was no ordinary year. 

So, in accordance with the nearly unfathomable workrate displayed in the business this year, keep an eye out for my Top Twenty Matches of the Year, due out by the end of December! 

Thanks again, folks.  

Best regards to you all.

…and have fun, BUT BE SAFE, tonight, all you crazy party people!

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