Terry Funk Suffering From Memory Loss

Terry Funk is considered by many as one of the pioneers of the hardcore scene. Wrestling well into his 70’s it now looks like the beating that his body has taken is now catching up to the legend.

 On a recent episode of the Pro Wrestling Spotlight podcast, Jon Arezzi gave an update on Funk’s current health condition. He stated that Funk has been doing better lately, but still was struggling with cognitive difficulties. The wrestling legend is currently in an assisted living situation.

“He’s in assisted living. I spoke to him earlier this year and he had a hard time remembering and he snapped back in. I was trying to get him on one of these Pro Wrestling Spotlight Live [shows] that I did on YouTube. I talked to him but I just knew after that conversation that it wasn’t gonna happen because he was in the middle of a conversation and he goes, ‘am I John, who are you?’ He didn’t really remember very much but when I was with Mick Foley not too long ago, a couple of weeks back here in Nashville, he had talked to Terry recently and he said that Terry was sounding better. He’s getting the care he needs and it looks like Terry Funk is fighting as he always has done to this time just remain cognizant and just be the legend that he is and we wish him the best and we pray for him all the time.”

Earlier this year it was reported that Funk was dealing with a plethora of health issues. Terry Funk was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2009 along with his brother Dory. Funk began his career in 1965 and wrestled for over five decades as he wrestled his last match in September of 2017. We here at send our prayers to the Hardcore Legend.

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