Hangman Page Set For Special Celebration On Dynamite

This past Saturday Adam “Hangman” Page defeated Kenny Omega at Full Gear and became only the 4th World Champion in AEW’s history, so it’s only fitting that AEW’s residential cowboy has some special celebration.

Adam Hangman Page sent a release to the media and fans to let them know that November 17th is now National Cowboy Sh * t Day. This notice was sent “TO PROMISE BTE GOES GOES AFTER THE SLAUGHTER” and it has a lot of information about what fans can expect this week.

  • Hangman Adam Page announces Wednesday, November 17, as the first National Cowboy Shit Day *, which will be celebrated this week via Dynamite from Virginia.
  • Hangman will continue to increase Adam Page’s strength and cardiovascular training, regularly adding additional dynamic and static stretches to loosen his tight frame, and prepare for number one contender Brian Danielson. studies the diet of vegetarians for rish.
  • As a champion, “Executioner” Adam Page welcomes all his other opponents as the AEW deems him worthy, but God forbid he has to fight Wardlow and his big muscles.
  • After watching the unofficial, unauthorized, and most glaring show of “I Do Nothing About Copyright” and “Good, Bad, and Elite” on YouTube, Hangman’s Adam Page takes advantage of his new influence. the champion to work for that guy or at least get a good letter and a basket of fruit.
  • With the bonus payout that comes with winning the AEW World Championships, “Executioner” Adam Page replaces his gas-filled truck with an electric vehicle to reduce the planet’s heating waste, and when others see how this is done, he encourages replacement. badass it looks with the steering horns mounted on the front or whatever.
  • “Hangman” Adam Page wants to express his sincere and heartfelt gratitude to many fans who have never given up on him, even if he gives them all the reasons. They helped him accomplish more than he could have imagined.
  • If you want to know more about “Hangman” Adam Page’s thoughts on his recent championship victory, tell them “I don’t do these podcasts anymore while I’m alive, you think I want to be on a YouTube show. or whatever, yes get the right advice, I’m a champion, I have a lot of work to do now, I’m already under a lot of stress. ”
  • Confirmation from the National Day archives is expected, which I doubt has happened since their last correspondence simply said, “Stop sending us emails about this.”

This is hopefully the start of a lengthy title run for Hangman page. Now that Bryan Danielson has defeated Miro, he is now the number one contender for the AEW Championship setting up what is sure to be a great feud between the two.

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