“Hangman” Adam Page Is a Walking Coming of Age Movie

Hangman Page, one of the biggest stars in AEW, could possibly win the AEW World Championship at AEW Full Gear 2021. 

The story between Page and Omega has been building for over two years. Page was labeled an ‘Anxious Millennial Cowboy,’ and that is the perfect description for him. He has been portrayed as a character who’s story mirrors those of real people. The story between Page and Omega has been extremely realistic; detailing a man’s struggles to fit in, feel accepted, fight his own demons, and make new friends. It is a classic coming-of-age story detailed through wrestling.

We have seen Page rely on his friends for assistance through companionship. His relationship with The Dark Order has been comparable to that of a college friend group who help get each other through life. Through ups and downs, Page has always known that his brothers, and sister, will be there for him. 

Page has even transformed from an always happy cowboy to someone who could possibly be seen as a tempermental version of Adam. He was even shown lashing out at the people who always cared for him like The Dark Order.

The Elite pushing out Page has been a story many of us have experienced. It has been a story of friends turning against you, which then turns into bullying. The storyline even possibly displays unhealthy coping mechanisms, whether it is intentional or not, with Page’s love of drinking.

Page’s climb can be related to many of our own lives when we imagine ourselves to be the main character of our own story. Hangman’s story is an honest display of the role that AEW has allowed mental health to play in the world of wrestling. Page openly and vulnerably allowed for the storyline to display him as a man struggling through life publicly. 

Omega has even said himself that a lot of the story has been based on reality. Omega, when speaking with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, said the following, “A lot of this comes from reality. Maybe we’ve sensationalized some of the details, but there is a lot of truth to the story we’re telling. There is real-life emotion attached to this clash.” 

If you were to put this Omega and Page storyline on a plot map, we would be nearing the climax. This story has been any English teacher’s dream. The plot, supporting characters, details, and even the setting, has been straight out of a Young Adult movie or book. The story is, and has been, tied to the heartstrings of all following it. The main plot point is that Page’s toughest opponent has always been himself, and that is one that almost everyone can relate to. 

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