NXT UK 11/11 – Recap and Results

Nigel Guinness and Andy Shepard open the show with the live crowd, quickly discussing the 4 corner tag team fatal 4 way to crown a number one contender for the NXT Tag Team Championships before sending it to the ring for the first match.

Mark Andrews vs Natahan Frazer

Andrews and Frazer had a back forth battle that started at 100 miles per hour and rarely ever slowed down, this was all about the youth versus experience and it was the experience that typically won out. Andrews managed to counter many of Frazer’s best moves including ducking a moonsault and hitting Frazer with a spring board cross body or when Frazer attempted to flip dodge out of the corner only for Andrews to time the final flip perfectly to hit Frazer with a running dropkick. Frazer hit the move of the match as Andrews attempted to spring board into the ring from the outside he was countered by Frazer meeting at the top and hitting a Spring board Spanish Fly, he tried to follow up with Phoenix splash but Andrews moved. The match came to an end when Andrews hit a stun dog millionaire reversal he would go for a shooting star press, Frazer and tried for a la mistral cradle, Andrews blocked and pined Frazer at the same time.

Andrews defeated Frazer by pin fall

Sam Gradwell enters the performance centre when he is confronted by A-Kid who told him I heard what what you said last week and he told Gradwell if he has problem they can settle it in the ring before calling him a Yogurt and walking off.

Back stage Kenny Williams gets annoyed with a camera man trying to ask questions before getting annoyed with Saxon Huxley making noise backstage and chose to insult Huxley and throw his t-shirt at him before running off.

Dani Luna vs Stevie Turner

Luna easily had a power advantage over Turner, Turner would tried to use her intelligence to get the advantage with a few dirty moves, she did have some strong moments during the match hitting a beautiful triple neck breaker showing her own strength managing to lift Luna for a side effect. However it was Luna’s Strength that would win out managing to power through everything Turner threw at her and throwing her around the ring, at one point easily lifting Turner for a front slam popping straight back up with Turner still her in arms throwing over head with a fall away slam. As much a Turner tried she just couldn’t over come the power of Luna the final moments as she would try to squirm off Luna’s shoulder even grabbing the rope but Luna is able to launch her from her shoulders bringing Turner down hard with a power bomb to pick up the win by pin fall.

Luna defeated Tuner by pin fall

Nina Samuels is back stage as she tries to get an interview with Isla Dawn who just ignores her, she starts to complain about the people ignoring her including Aleah James who is behind her to hear everything, James then challenges her to match Samuels agrees to it.

A Video package plays as the Gallus boys Wolfgang, Mark and Joe Coffey are driving discussing the Teoman problem.

Subculture are celebrating backstage after wins of Mark Andrews and Dani Luna but they are interrupted by Davenport who tells Dani Luna its good to see build her self up as it will be all the better when she brings her back down.

No. 1 Contenders Match For The NXT UK Tag Team Championships

Symbiosis with Eddie Dennis vs Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter vs Dave Mastiff and Jack Starz vs Moustache Mountain

A fatal 4 way tag match where there are only two legal opponents at any one time, so the opening few minutes each team would try to tag them selves into to the match at every opportunity. Eddie Dennis was ejected from the ring side area as he tried to trip Jack Starz at one point so referee sent him to the back. The match eventually delved into chaos and the referee did a great job of keeping tracking of the match, a couple of high spots from the match saw Trent Seven thrown from the top on to a big group of people on the outside immediately followed by spring board dive from Primate. Each team had moments to win the match such as when Symbiosis hit their powerslam diving head butt combination with the pin being broken up, Carter and Smith came close when they hit their electric chair/spring board cutter combination. The match came to an end when Trent Seven and Tyler Bate hit their burning hammer and knee drop combination on Symbiosis’ Primate to get the pin fall win.

Moustache Mountain win the match by pin fall

Following the match Pretty Deadly came down to ring side to sarcastically clap for Moustache Mountain as the show comes to an end with the challengers and champions locked in a stare down.

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