Bobby Lashley Passed Some Advice on to New Raw Roster Member Gable Stevenson

Gable Steveson, who won a gold medal at the 2020 Olympic Games, was drafted to Monday Night Raw on the second night of the 2021 Draft. If the rosters stay the same, like we expect them to, Bobby Lashley and Gable Steveson will be on the same brand. 

When Lashley spoke to Planeta Wrestling, he spoke about the gold medalist’s debut and shared the words of wisdom he gave to him. 

When speaking about Steveson’s signing, Lashley had this to say, “Good for him. I was an amateur wrestler growing up and he’s an Olympic champion. He’s just shattered everything. Being so young, I told that kid because he called me a little while back and he asked me for some advice, and I was like, ‘Keep your head on, don’t get into any trouble, keep training the same way you do and you’re going to be a very wealthy man.’ He’s doing great.”

Steveson, who is currently a Senior at the University of Minnesota, will finish out his last year of competition before officially shifting to WWE. It has been revealed that there are plans for him to begin his WWE training while he finishes out his year. 

Steveson clued us into his WWE deal when speaking to Ariel Helwani following his signing.