Colby Covington Ponders the Possibility of a Run in Pro Wrestling

Colby Covington, who took a loss to Kamaru Usman last night at UFC 268, lets us know that he has no interest in going to AEW. 

Covington, former interim UFC Welterweight Champion, spoke on the possibility of going into pro wrestling after his loss via unanimous decision in the main event.

When speaking with the press after UFC 268, Colby said the following, “I might go to WWE, you’ll never see me in a second-tier promotion like AEW.” 

Covington has utilized WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle’s theme song ‘You Suck’ when entering the octagon, like he did last night. The use of this song opened him up to being asked if he could see himself in a wrestling ring.

Colby is a former member of the MMA camp American Top Team which has been featured in AEW in recent months. ATT owner Dan Lambert and Jorge Masvidal, Colby’s former best friend, have been some of the stars of their feud with AEW’s Inner Circle. 

Covington, who is nothing short of controversial, has requested his release from his contract in the past, twice. As of June 5, 2020, it was reported that Colby had two fights left in his UFC contract. His fights with Tyron Woodley (Sep 19, 2020) and Kamaru Usman (Nov 6, 2021) have filled this requirement.