Kevin Owens Gives Props To Indie Wrestler’s Version Of Pop Up Powerbomb

There is no doubt that Kevin Owens is a top Superstar in WWE and has proven that fact on several occasions. He is also a two-time WWE Intercontinental Champion and has held the Universal Title.

Over the past few weeks speculation regarding Owens’s contract situation has been the talk amongst fans after Back in September Fightful Select reported that Kevin Owens’s contract is coming to an end in January.

Recently, an indie wrestler from North Wales took to Twitter and uploaded a video of himself performing the pop-up powerbomb. He tagged Owens and asked him for his opinion.

I’m A Learning Pro Wrestler From North Wales & Popped this move out on Saturday at a show. I took it from your move set and would just like to get your thoughts and opinion. Thank you.

Kevin Owens responded to the indie wrestler and gave him props for his execution. He also has some words of wisdom for the young pro wrestler.

Very well executed, man. Good luck on your journey!

NoNo problem.

I’m sure he doesn’t remember this but when I was starting out, I sent @LanceStorm an e-mail once or twice through his website asking for advice. He took the time to answer me and it meant a lot. That always stayed with me.

Be safe, man!

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