ICW: Fight Club 30/10/21 Recap and Results

Leyton Buzzard VS Martin Kirby.

Buzzard offers a handshake to begin with but uses it to pull Kirby into a headlock. Kirby escapes and hits big strikes and a heel kick to put Buzzard down, a back breaker by Kirby gives him the first 2 count of the match. Buzzard hits a thumb to the eye then a suplex for his own 2 count, before raking Kirbys back for good measure. Both men into the corner for an exchange of strikes but Buzzard comes out with a running suplex to take control and get another 2 count, Kirby fights back with a jaw breaker and knees in the corner followed by a package suplex, buzzard gets groggily up but is hit by a reverse cutter for a 2 count. Buzzard is back up and fights back with the deadman’s drop for 2, he lifts Kirby onto the top rope and goes for a superplex but Kirby fights back forcing Buzzard to the mat and hitting a diving cutter, Buzzard stands but is hit by a big enziguri bouncing him off the ropes where he returns with a lariat. Buzzard goes for the 450 but misses and Kirby lifts him for a powerbomb Buzzard begs off then grabs Kirby looking for the scorpion leg lock Kirby escapes and Buzzard leaps for him grabbing a handful of tights for the roll up cover 1,2,3

Your Winner by pin fall Leyton Buzzard

Lou King Sharp VS A.D.M (with the manifesto)

Thorne, Castle and McKiver surround the ring as ADM outpowers Sharp to begin with, throwing him into the corner and hitting shoulders, kicks and a big knee to the gut. Irish whip to the other corner and then a takeover suplex from ADM. Sharp manages to hook ADM’s leg up in the top rope and dives onto all three members of the Manifesto on the outside and grabs his Kendo stick, smashing ADM across the forehead. Sharpe goes to the top rope but is caught mid air by ADM who puts him into a choke slam back breaker. Now all four of the Manifesto have Sharp when out comes Jimmy Pierce, but he also gets beaten down in this four on two attack. Suddenly out come the Purge to make up the numbers. The Manifesto roll out of the ring and the baby faces challenge them to a match at Fear and Loathing.

Result No Contest.

Daz Black VS Saquib Ali for the ICW Zero G Championship

This match starts with a headlock by Ali who launches off Black. Black pulls up and does a standing somersault. Ali decides to one up Black with his own somersault but falls on his backside. Enziguri from Black but Ali then throws him out of the ring .Ali with the double axe handle smash on the outside then he throws Black back into the ring. Ali hits multiple uppercuts to Black in the corner but black reverses this and hits a running shooting star press. Ali is back up and fights back with elbows then a pair of suplexes for a 2 count, another suplex and this time Black escapes somersaulting over Ali and catching him into a belly to back suplex Black gets distracted by Chris Toll thus missing the pinning opportunity. A slap exchange follows with Black coming out on top he hits a Spanish fly onto Ali for a 2 count Black misses a top rope manoeuvrer and gets hit with Le Saq Magic, Ali goes for the move for a second time but Black hits him with a flying knee strike a drop kick and then the curb stomp for the 1,2,3.

Your winner by pinfall & Still ICW Zero G Champion Daz Black

Molly Spartan (with Kasey) VS Rhio Semi finals of the Women’s World Championship tournament.

Rhio goes for an immediate schoolboy roll up but barely gets a 2 count. Spartan responds stomping Rhio down. Rhio manages to pump kick Spartan into the corner and hits a pair of drop kicks for another pin attempt but only a one count this time. Spartan fights back with a huge lariat and puts Rhio into the corner for a series of shoulder blocks. There is an exchange of strikes until Spartan hits a snapmare then grabs Rhio with her thighs for a choke Rhio finally escapes grabbing the bottom rope. More strike exchanges with Rhio coming out on top and getting a close 2 count. Spartan fights back clubbing Rhios neck then gets a big hip toss, a true slug fest happens then Spartan hits Rhio with a spear for a 2 count, Spartan goes for a cross body but misses, both ladies look tired, catching their breath Rhio hits a spinning heel kick but Kasey jumps onto the ring apron distracting Rhio. Spartan then hits a spear and a pop up powerbomb for the 1,2,3.

Your winner by pinfall Molly Spartan

Theo Doros VS Che Monet

Doros berates Monet’s theatrics explaining that this is a traditional wrestling rules match. Monet slaps Doros who then takes out their leg. Doros focuses on the leg wrenching and striking the knee only stopping to hit a suplex and then go back to the injured limb. Doros does some MMA style ground and pound then hits a chop block on Monet’s knee. Monet limps up and hits a massive headbutt on Doros and follows this with a rolling neckbreaker and a double underhook suplex Monet then drops him with a facebuster for a 2 count. Monet goes for a second facebuster and misses but still gets another 2 count. Doros then grabs them into a leglock for the submission.

Your winner by Submission Theo Doros

Sheikh El Sham VS Jaxn

Collar and elbow tie up to start as these two measure each other up in their first ever meeting with wrist locks strikes and pushes. Jaxn hits a series of big shoulder breakers and forces El Sham into the corner. Jaxn hits a release side suplex and climbs the ropes but gets his legs drop kicked out from the top rope. El Sham forces Jaxn to the canvas then hits a huge suplex for a 2 count. Irish whip from El sham into the corner then three elbow drops to Jaxn’s kidneys. El Sham with strikes on Jaxn keeping him down and gaining another 2 count. El Sham hits another Irish whip into the corner then locks in a camel clutch on Jaxn who fights back lifting El Sham into the air and starting another exchange of beefy strikes then hits a reverse neckbreaker for a 2 count. Both men catch their breath then El Sham applies a butchers hook, Jaxn escapes hitting a suplex but El Sham rakes his eyes and applies a standing guillotine. Jaxn forces him back into the corner, hitting shoulder blocks, chops and elbows then goes to the outside and hits a drop kick against El Sham’s head. Jaxn rushes to the top turnbuckle and hits a double axe handle smash and locks on a cross face. El Sham rolls it round into a two count then stands and hits a lariat for another 2 count. El sham goes for a spear but Jaxn leapfrogs it and locks in a double arm crossface making El Sham tap out.

Your winner by submission Jaxn.

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