NXT UK Recap and Results

The show opened with a package for tonight’s main event as Tyler Bate defends the NXT UK Heritage Cup against Noam Dar, before we hear from our commentators Andy Shepard and Nigel McGuiness as they also hype the main event before kicking it to the ring for the opening match.

Mark Coffey with Wolfgang vs Rohan Raja with Teoman

Mark Coffey took the early advantage with mixture of power and technical wrestling until Raja forced them to the ropes where he trapped the arm of Coffey, Raja then begins to systematically target Coffey’s arm. Coffey tries to power through the pain as he looked to get back into the match with a big clothesline, shoulder block and middle rope diving bulldog but a big spine buster from Raja cut him off, Raja goes for the pin following a back stabber but Coffey kicked out. Raja missed the double knees as Coffey got out of the corner and Raja crashed and burned before then being hit by a running enziguri to the face from Coffey who followed up with a running sliding elbow stunning Raja long enough to get the pin fall.

Post match Teoman and Raja attacked Coffey and Wolfgang having to be broken up by referees and staff from the back, so although the Gallus boys picked up the win it was Teoman and Raja who left Coffey and Wolfgang laying in the ring.

Mark Coffey defeated Rohan Raja by pin fall

Sid Scala announced that there will be a triple threat tag team match between Dave Mastiff and Jack Starz, Oliver Carter and Ashton Smith, and Symbiosis’ Primate and Tyson T-Bone.

Charlie Dempsey talking to the cameraman ahead of his match, he is interrupted by Gallus looking for Teoman and Raja, Charlie Dempsey does not look happy as he notes this is second time this has happened.

Amale vs Myla Grace

Amale went straight after the new-comer taking her down before berating her in French, Grace is able to catch Amale by surprise with some roll up attempts but this just seemed to anger Amale who started a vicious assault. Amale took complete control of the match not letting up for a moment as her and Grace battle in the ring, Blair Davenport came down to the ring. Grace fights back with some impressive offence as she showcased her agility and athleticism but Amale shut her down hard before hitting a devastating spinebuster to pick up the win by pin fall. Amale and Davenport lock eyes after the match before Davenport goes backstage seemingly impressed by what she has seen.

Amale defeated Myla Grace by pin fall

Aleah James is talking backstage before the interview is interrupted by Nina Samuels who tries to turn it into the Nina Samuels show but James not having any of it and just walks off.

Flash Morgan Webster is looking to get a match with Rampage by slapping him, Rampage warned him not too as Flash attempts it Rampage slams Flash into the wall and told him if he wanted a match all he had to do was ask, whilst warning him he’s going to get hurt.

Charlie Dempsey vs Danny Jones

Dempsey and Jones locked up straight away Dempsey hooked in a cravat lock and was able to control the taller Jones, throwing him around the ring, Jones unleashes with some strikes Dempsey fires back but get caught by a back fist. Jones starts to get some control but it does not last long, after Dempsey got the reversal McGuiness refers to the match as human game of chess and its Dempsey who is able to out wit his opponent, Dempsey locks in a variety of holds but Jones powers out with a back suplex Dempsey answers back with a double under hook suplex. Dempsey does not release the double under hook, rolling though to deliver another double arm suplex before transitioning to a version of a cross face chicken wing, forcing Jones to tap out.

Charlie Dempsey defeated Danny Jones by submission

We got a video package for next weeks NXT UK Women’s championship match as we hear from both Champion Meiko Staomura and challenger Jinny.

NXT UK Heritage Cup Match

Noam Dar with Sha Samuels vs Tyler Bate (c) with Trent Seven

Round 1

Round 1 is a great display technical wrestling from both competitors with some great transitions and reversals looking to gain wrist control neither competitor wanted to make a mistake in the first round with neither man able impose their will on the round.

Round 2

The second round was more aggressive but once again neither man was able to gain control. During the break Sha recommended to Dar that he start striking with Bate and draw him into a fight.

Round 3

Dar picked up the first fall of the match in the third round after Bate was sent clattering into the ring steps on the outside leg first, Dar rolled him into the ring before catching Bate with his Nova Roller to get the pin fall.

Round 4

Bate is able to draw the match level despite starting the round on the back foot he is able to power through, landing a huge T-bone suplex before catching Dar with his Tiger Driver to pick up the pin fall.

Round 5

Round 5 started at a ferocious pace as both competitors looked to finish the match half way through the round, they trade stiff shots a huge back elbow from Dar nearly saw him pick up the win but Bate survived and nearly caught Dar in submission but neither man could seal the victory.

Round 6

They came out striking in the final round 6th round as Bate hits a pair of dives to the outside taking Dar and Samuels out as it looked like Bate would pick up the win, out came Pretty Deadly to cause a distraction. Seven started to scuffle with Pretty Deadly on the outside and he accidentally throws his towel into the ring leading the referee to call the match due forfeit believing Seven threw the towel in for Bate as he was trapped in Dars supernova kneebar.

Noam Dar defeated Tyler Bate 2 falls to 1 become the New NXT UK Heritage Cup Holder.

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