Things Get Heated Backstage Between Two Of WWE’s Top Stars

The WWE is coming out of their Crown Jewel event that took place on Thursday in Saudi Arabia, and After a long work week and a lot of travel, it seems that frustrations may have reached a boiling point between two of WWE’s top stars.

Mike Johnson Of PW Insider is reporting That There was a backstage confrontation between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair following last night’s Friday Night Smackdown taping in Wichita, Kansas, has confirmed with multiple sources.

Johnson is reporting that an issue arose after Charlotte Flair was said to have voiced concerns before WWE went on the air, concerned about the Championship Exchange segment that featured Becky trading her Smackdown Women’s Championship belt for Flair’s Raw Women’s Championship belt.  It was noted that PW Insider was told by several who were close to the situation that Flair was voicing that she didn’t want to look weak nor did she want her title reign to look weak during the segment.  Despite those concerns, the segment went on as planned as the final segment of the episode.

During the Championship Exchange segment, there was a moment where Flair was to hand the belt to Becky but instead pulled it away and threw the belt on the mat, which was not the way that exchange was expected to go.  At that point, Sonya Deville demanded Flair retrieve the belt and hand it to her, which Flair did.  Deville then asked for Becky’s title but instead, Lynch threw her title belt at Flair, which was also not part of the plan. 

It was noted At that point, Flair did mic work to set up Sasha Banks coming out, which put the segment back on track with Lynch leaving after teasing a potential Survivor Series showdown with one of them.

After Flair and Banks had their physical confrontation to close the FOX broadcast, Flair went to the back.  We are told at that point, there was a confrontation between Lynch and Flair over Flair allegedly disrespecting Lynch by “trying to make her look bad”, as one source stated, during the segment and there were loud words between the two. PW Insider reported they were told that the situation was heated but did not get physical. 

Many fans have suggested that this was the reason for Andrade’s “FU” Tweet. We will have to wait and see if this will affect not only storylines but also personal relationships in the WWE.

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