AEW To Possibly Hold A Big PPV In The UK Next Year

AEW could potentially be heading across the pond to the United Kingdom in the summer of 2022 to host a PPV, possibly for their Fyter Fest show, noting that it could be at Craven Cottage, the home ground of the Kahn owned Fulham Football club.

Alex McCarthy of Talk Spot spoke with AEW’s Chris Jericho in a recent interview and in tweet yesterday afternoon said that

“Chris Jericho told me he GUESSES (was very clear about the guessing part, “no clickbait headlines!” he stressed) that AEW will make it to the UK in the summer of 2022, probably for Fyter Fest. Noting that Craven Cottage is a ready-made home.”

Alex McCarthy on Twitter 13/10/2022

The British Wrestling Fans have been screaming for another Summerslam level PPV event for nearly 30 years with the last PPV held by a major wrestling promotion being WWE’s Insurrection. It should be noted that What Culture reported that the WWE are planning a major PPV in 2022 following comments made Drew McIntyre during WWE’s last tour.

Drew McIntyre stated that

“the UK is going to get a significant WWE PPV if it’s the last thing I do”

Drew McIntyre during the WWE UK Tour as quoted by What Culture 26/09/2022

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It is interesting that both AEW and WWE have hinted that they are planning similar PPV’s within a month of each other, but I am am sure UK wrestling fans are just excited that both of the 2 major American Wrestling Promotions are planning to hold significant PPV’s in the summer of 2022.

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Source Alex McCarthy Twitter What Culture