Who Is The Joker?

Tonight, a casino ladder match will take place for an AEW world title match down the line. While fans are excited about this match, a lot of speculation who will be the joker of this match.

Jay White

A group of fans have speculated that the joker of this match is no other than the current leader of Bullet Club Jay White. It makes sense if you think about it, White has hinted about showing up on AEW multiple times on promos and with an upcoming NJPW US show, it would be a smart move from NJPW to have White on AEW ahead of their show and sell a few extra tickets.

Ladder matches are risky and White could get hurt on a match like this. It’s a risk he probably won’t take ahead of an important show for NJPW.

Will Ospreay

The same that was said about Jay White applies to Will Ospreay. Him wrestling on AEW would be a smart move to promote the upcoming NJPW show. Just like White, Ospreay has hinted about wrestling on AEW multiple times.

Will Ospreay just recovered a serious neck injury and a ladder match would not be advice for him.

Adam “Hangman” Page

Hangman has been out for quite sometime due to some personal reasons and fans can’t wait for his return and he’s the most likely to be the joker for this ladder match.

Hangman would be an interesting joker, but too predictable. Hangman’s return seems most likely to take place on November 17 when AEW Dynamite om his hometown.

Buddy Matthews

FKA Buddy Murphy has made several tweets about being the joker these last few days. While he is a good wrestler, he would be a disappointing joker.

Matthews’ future seems more linked towards IMPACT than AEW according to several reports, so that makes his appearance as the joker less likely.

Who do you think is the joker?