Tommy Dreamer To Miss Time With Busted Open Radio After Dark Side Of The Ring Controversy

The backlash from last Thursday’s episode of Darkside Of The Ring “The Plane Ride From Hell” is still being felt by Ric Flair and Tommy Dreamer and shows no sign of stopping. A campaign ad featuring Flair has been pulled for the time being, as well as a segment on WWE Network’s StoryTime Featuring Flair was also pulled. On Friday Impact wrestling announced that Tommy Dreamer would be suspended indefinitely. It now looks like Dreamer is now suffering more repercussions.

This morning on Busted Open Radio, host Dave Lagreca announced that co-host and long-time contributor to the show Tommy Dreamer would be off of the show for an extended amount of time. Lagreca went on to say that the comments made by Dreamer were ‘out of character’ but were”indefensible.”

Tommy Fucked up, Tommy Fucked up on Thursday!

As a father of a daughter who will be going out into the world, these are the things we worry about. Theirs no place for these comments or thought processes, as I said the comments are indefensible.

For The time being Tommy will be off the show. How long I dont know.

Dave Lagreca Busted Open Radio

While no timetable was given for the absence of Tommy Dreamer it is surely the right move by Busted Open Radio. Tommy Dreamer did go on social media over the weekend and released a statement expressing regret over his comments and offered an apology to anyone he hurt or offended. We will have to see what else comes of this situation.

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