It’s About Damn Time!

Yestaerday, Big E cashed in his MITB briefcase to become WWE champion for the first time in his career. Social media was over the moon for Big E’s crowning and was met with a positive reaction from fans and wrestlers.

For years, fans have always mentioned the fact Big E had the potential to be a world champion, especially considering he is the total package as a wrestler and entertainer. The fact it took this long is the only thing that can be criticized, but as the phrase goes: It’s better late than never.

Fans have waited for this moment for many years and the fact it has finally happened makes it even better. While the stuff he has been involved lately has been questionable, that’s more of a creative issue than with Big E.

What’s next for Big E? The first thing is that Big E needs a long title reign to help establish him a main eventer going forward for WWE. With the draft coming soon, there’s a lot of possibilities for him going forward as well. For now, Big E will feud with Bobby Lashley and MVP for now for the time being.

Big E after this massive accomplishment, will need some big wins going forward and the draft should help on that department, but trusting WWE creative is a whole other thing and not worth discussing especially with how positive the wrestling world is with Big E’s win from last night.

WWE have in their hands a chance to create a star right now and those opportunities don’t come often for WWE. Big E will do great on the spot, by the look of the interviews he gave last night for WWE’s social media accounts he loooked like a natural.