Kayla Braxton Asks Fans To Respect Her Privacy

Kayla Braxton is always in the public eye when it comes to wrestling fans. As many of us know there are always those fans who take things overboard and tend to invade the privacy of superstars.

The Bump host took to social media to advise fans that certain things are not ok especially when it comes to her personal privacy, as apparently someone leaked her address and she has been receiving gifts at her home.

Just a tip to you guys. As much as we love and appreciate those of you who show your support, we will NEVER appreciate you sending things to our home addresses. We enjoy entertaining you when we’re on the clock, but our privacy is also very important to us. Plz respect that.

AS wrestling fans we have to realize when not to cross that line and keep in mind that wrestlers and wrestling personalities are humans and need their space just like everyone else. It’s cool to admire our heroes but we have to know where the limit is.

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