AEW’s Big 3

All Out was a massive success for AEW in all ways you look at it. It’s on track on breaking AEW PPV buys record, the show has been critically acclaimed and people are still talking about it days later.

While the show was fantastic, the most newsworthy moments of the PPV besides that incredible cage match, was CM Punk in-ring return and the debuts of Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole. AEW have signed three big names that’ll help AEW a lot going forward.

CM Punk’s run with AEW so far has been perfect. His match with Darby Allin had all the eyes on the world on it and it delivered. Punk’s return also helped put some spotlights on Darby Allin and their story is far from over, there’s no doubt these two wrestlers will wrestle again, but with a different result. Punk is here to help AEW put the spotlight in there young wrestlers and help them get to that next level just like Terry Funk did back in the day when CM Punk was an indie wrestler.

Adam Cole is a more long term signee for the promotion. Cole’s addition to the AEW roster helps in a lot of ways from adding a young wrestler (32) to the main event position of the card. Cole is also a proven draw in modern wrestling with NXT and even Tony Khan mentioned it on the media scrum after All Out. This is also a massive blow for WWE that they’ll regret in the long run.

Bryan Danielson is one of the all time greats and he joining AEW is a game changing moment for the promotion. Bryan Danielson is the first wrestler to leave WWE for a mejor competitor of WWE the same year the main evented WrestleMania since Sid Vicious back in 1992 when he left the then WWF for WCW. Bryan Danielson has a lot of dream matches ahead of himself now that he is in AEW and has the possibility to travel and wrestle in Japan and Mexico like he talked about these last few years.

AEW’s big 3 are creating massive shock waves through the wrestling world and AEW is now the place to be. Getting these three massive names could be one of WWE’s biggest mistakes and we’re on the verge of seeing something really special with AEW and their unbelievable roster.