Adam Cole Wouldn’t Budge On Twitch Channel During Talks With WWE

Adam Cole is a wrestler who loves his fans, and his Twitch channel is one way that he connects with his fans. He made it well know during one of his latest streams that no matter what happened he would not discontinue his channel. During his recent negotiations with the WWE over re-sighning a new deal he made it known to the company he would not part ways with the channel.

According to a report by Fightful Select,Adam Cole made it clear to WWE that he was not willing to give up his Twitch accounts. A source with the WWE said the situation was “Nonnegotiable” and stated that higher-ups werent excited about the situation due to having no leverage.

The WWE source we originally spoke to on the matter called it “non-negotiable” for him, and even said that higher ups weren’t excited to talk to him about it in general, because they didn’t have much leverage on the situation, and that was even before they knew his contract came up in July.

Cole is now in limbo as a free agent, and has not made any clues on what hes doing with his future in wrestling. Cole can appear wherever and whenever due to not having a 90 non- compete clause after his contract with WWE had expired. We will have to wait and see what cole decides to do.