Will The Changes to NXT Work?

Losing the Wednesday Night Wars and the lack of new stars for main roster have finally caught up to NXT and changes will be made to the once considered third brand of WWE. Will this changes work? That’s the billion dollar question.

One of the biggest mistakes NXT did was focusing on signing every hot indie PWG wrestler. The problem is that most of those wrestlers don’t fit Vince McMahon’s criteria of what a star looks like. WWE focusing on athletes and people will the right look will give a few more people the chance to succeed.

Reports also suggest that WWE will take a backseat approach on signing Indie talent. This is a mistake, the new NXT will need experience workers to help the new recruits learn the the ropes. The blind leading the blind would be dangerous stuff.

One of the biggest changes that WWE should do is on the training department in the PC. The PC is not a great place to learn how to wrestle and focuses more on the conditioning rather than actual wrestling training. It’s most likely this will not change at all.

The new logo indicates that major aesthetic changes coming to NXT too. The whole dark and brooding look will be replaced for a more cheerful look if we go by the new logo. Paul Levesque most likely was angry about this change.

One of the biggest mysteries is if NXT will change things like the design of the championships as well. This could be the case too, but these changes could happen down the road and not as important as the other changes.

At the end of the day, it’s too early to tell if any of these changes will work as Vince McMahon wants. In 6 months will have a better look to NXT’s new identity, but there are some factors that don’t look so good like the lack of focus on signing indie wrestlers and no changes on the PC itself considering it’s poor record training people.