Samoa Joe Won’t Rule Out A Return To Main Roster

Samoa Joe’s accomplishments far supersede the injuries and the downside of events he has experienced in the wrestling world. With many must-watch matches with the likes of CM Punk and Bryan Danielson just to name a few, Joe has definitely cemented his legacy as one of the best in the business.

In 2015 Joe made his debut in NXT and quickly became a mainstay on the roster. Joe would later go on to become the NXT Champion and shortly after made his way up to the main roster. Now after a run on the main roster and a release earlier this year Joe is back on the Black and Gold brand with more NXT Gold in hand.

With this latest run seeing Joe on a tear and riding a wave of success it leaves many fans wondering if we will soon see Joe back on the main roster anytime soon.

While speaking with So Catch by Hal 2, Samoa Joe spoke on the possibility of him going back to the main roster. He made it clear that he wouldn’t rule out returning to the main roster someday.

That’s always in the cards, let’s be honest. RAW and Smackdown and NXT are the three rotating brands in WWE. I think at this point, especially in the last decade, you can say anything can happen. So I think it’s foolish to discount that fact. I think me saying that now would lead to me looking like a fool in a couple of years.”

Joe is now the NXT champion, we will have to see where NXT takes his character. The sky is the limit with Samoa Joe. Below you can watch the full interview.