Paul Wight’s First Match Set For ALLOUT

in a shocking move, Paul Wight headed to AEW after his deal with WWE Was up. It was shocking in a scene because many people had called Wight A WWE lifer, but now that’s not the case.

Wight Formally Big Show in the WWE Started a feud with Qt Marshall and his factory a few weeks ago. last week things got physical when Wight came to the aid of the ShavivoneFamily after QT and his goons began to attack Tony Shavivone, son. Wight delivered a chokeslam to Aaron Solow and revealed how good it felt to get physical.

Marshall then came out next and started showing off various X-rays of Wight’s hip implants. This got Wight mad, he then Called out Marshall for a match at ALL OUT on September 5.

This will be Wight’s first match in the company and his first match in general in over a year and a half. what do you expect from wight in his first match?