WWE Releases Multiple NXT Superstars

WWE has been releasing superstars at a dramatic rate over the past few months. Major names such as Malakai Black, Samoa Joe, and Bray Wyatt are just some of the weekly TV stars we’ve seen cut from WWE in recent weeks. No brand has faced a bigger share of the cuts than NXT, which has seen their roster gutted multiple times over the summer.

Tonight was no different as twelve NXT stars have been released from the company, seemingly out of nowhere. The list of cuts, according to reports from Sean Ross Sapp of, contains multiple people who have been featured regularly on NXT TV. Some who were even champion as recently as two months ago.

Here is the current list of released talent:

– Bobby Fish
– Bronson Reed
– Mercedes Martinez
– Jake Atlas
– Leon Ruff
– Tyler Rust
– Ari Sterling
– Asher Hale
– Stephon Smith
– Zechariah Smith
– Giant Zanjeer

Some of the names released haven’t appeared on NXT in a very long time, if ever, but some of the names listed have been integral to the week-to-week of the show. Mainly Martinez, Ruff, Rust, and Atlas. Ruff and Ari Sterling were even advertised for tonight’s episode of 205 live on Thursday. Bronson Reed was NXT’s North American Champion up until losing the title to Isaiah “Swerve” Scott on an episode in late June. Bobby Fish, who’s not only been featured on the show in a consistent capacity, was one half of arguably the most decorated tag team in NXT history alongside his Undisputed Era teammate Kyle O’Reilly.

The releases appear to be over for the time being, but will keep you updated with any updates regarding the situation.