Session Moth Martina Wins TNT Extreme’s Women’s Deathmatch Tournament

Last night at their Total Carnage show, TNT Extreme Wrestling made history with the first ever all women’s deathmatch tournament. TNT Extreme wrestling brought in 8 of the toughest women in British Wrestling including Session Moth Martina, Alexxis Falcon, Kasey, Molly Sparton, Gia Adams, Emersyn Jayne, Raven Creed and Kiara Chimera.

The first round saw the ladies compete in individual deathmatch stipulations including a drawing pin deathmatch, Lego deathmatch, carpet grip deathmatch and a Kendo stick deatchmatch. The violence only increased in the semi finals with a table and barbedwire deathmatch as well as a table and light tube deathmatch, with an extreme deatchmatch final.

In the end it was bloody and scarred ROH superstar Session Moth Martina who would stand victorious as the first ever all women’s deathmatch tournament champion, after defeating Kira Chimera in a Lego Deathmatch, Molly Sparton in a chair and barbedwire deathmatch and finally defeating Kasy in the extreme deathmatch final.

Following her win, deathmatch legend and current TNT Extreme’s extreme division champion Clint Margera came out to congratulate Session Moth on her win, which ended with Session Moth Martina challenging Margera for his Extreme division championship at TNT Extreme’s Thrill To Kill show on the 25th September.

The tournament will be available to stream via Powerd4.TV soon along with past shows from TNT Extreme’s .

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Source TNT Extreme Twitter