Mickie James Furious Over Release of Bray Wyatt

As we reported earlier today, Bray Wyatt has been released from WWE. The news has come as a shock to not just fans, but current and former employees of the company alike.

One former WWE star that has taken great issue with “The Fiend’s” release is current NWA wrestler Mickie James. The six-time champion took to Twitter to voice her displeasure with not just Wyatt’s release, but the way WWE has handled his ideas as well. 

James followed that tweet up with another, this time putting over the artistic vision of not just Wyatt, but his recent on-screen accomplice Alexa Bliss.

Many fans have shared the same frustration as James over social. Of all the great talent WWE has released over the past year and a half, Wyatt’s seems to have had the greatest effect on the world of wrestling.