Shotzi and Nox Aiming For WWE Women’s Tag Titles

Since their recent call-ups to the Main roster, Shottzi Blackheart who is now just Shotzi, and Tegan Nox who is now just Nox have received a warm welcome from both the WWE fans and higher-ups backstage.

During a recent appearance on the WWE The Bump, Shotzi and Nox mentioned how they should be in the conversation as the #1 contenders for the WWE Women’s Tag Titles. It is noted they do have wins over the current Women’s Tag Champs.

They were also questioned about the sudden change in their careers. Nox confirmed how crazy that last few weeks have been giving everything that’s been happening and how quick of a transition it was.

“I think we gelled pretty quickly as a tag team. We had that little run in NXTas a tag team and that was fun, and then my knee went haha I’m not attached.”

Shotzi also reminded people they were a team before saying

“People forgot that we’ve been tagging for a while up until your injury(to Nox), we were going, we were going and were back at it.”

They are definitely headed in the right direction and the sky is the limit for them. We will have to see if they can ride this wave all the way to the Titles.

Do You Think They Have What It Takes To Get The Titles?