Monday Night jaBROnis (RAW Review 7/26/21)

After what happened on last week’s RAW, the real question is . . .

. . . How could you top it?

Topher McCann (co-host of ‘the jaBROnis’) is back and ready to guide you through another Monday Night RAW. I swear to God if Reggie loses this title tonight, I will f*^#ing snap!

Flavor Of The Week Last Week: Rematches

Flavor Of The Week This Week: Championship Contender’s Match

Flavor Of The Weak in 2000:

It’s not Ash, it’s A.S.H!

WWE Raw was live from the T-Mobile Center in Kansas City and instead of the championship celebration we wanted (REGGIE!), we got Nikki ASH cutting a bloody promo! She said if you believe in yourself and follow your dreams, you too can almost be a superhero. Charlotte made her way out to throw shade at the way Nikki won the title followed by Rhea by coming out (who was super over in KC). Nikki said something about a metamorphosis (dope Hilary Duff album) and then Pearce and Deville came out to announce a triple threat match at Summerslam between the three of them. We are also informed that the main event for tonight is between Charlotte and ASS ASH in a championship contender’s match even though they just announced the Summerslam match (?????) This show is really making me dislike the letters A, S and also H!

Sheamus vs. Damien Priest

Next up was a US Championship Contender’s match. We had Damien Priest defeat the Celtic Warrior with the Reckoning. We are slowly building towards Priest achieving his first championship on the main roster and I’m all for it.

AJ Styles & Omos vs. The Viking Raiders (RAW Tag Team Championship)

We have ourselves a rematch which saw AJ hit a phenomenal Springboard 450 on Erik to retain the RAW Tag Titles! The crowd is always behind Styles and Omos even though they are the heel tag team. A program with Riddle and Orton would most definitely starting sending boos the way of AJ and Omos.

Drew McIntyre vs. Veer (since Shanky is dead)

Jinder brought out his attorney and demanded an apology from Drew for murdering Shanky last week. Drew declined and started a “Drew is gonna kill you” chant!

The match ended in a DQ after Drew hit the Claymore while Veer was holding a chair in front of his face. They botched the finish by saying Drew was the winner when in reality Veer won by DQ. Drew went on to Claymore Jinder’s attorney so I’m sure we will see Drew being put in handcuffs next week. Maybe by these men…

Eva Marie & Doudrop vs. Natalya & Tamina

We then had another championship contender’s match for the women’s tag titles. Natty was injured during the match. Eva was distracted on the tron by Lilly mocking the EVA-lution vignette with one of her own: Lilly-lution! This distraction leads to a Tamina superkick and victory. Tamina and a trainer helped Natalya to the back and hopefully it his nothing too serious.

NXT Champion Karrion Kross vs. Keith Lee

I’m surprised they didn’t somehow try to squeeze another championship contender stipulation for this match as well. So we have two guys facing off who have no business facing off against each other. It’s dumb! They should be building up wins individually and there’s no business having a random match on RAW. Regardless, the match went down and Kross picked up the win when he made Lee tap to the Krossjacket. Bask in the nonsense!

Mace & T-Bar vs. Mustafa Ali & Mansoor

They continue to build the story between Ali and Mansoor slowly becoming a tag team. We had a quick match which ended with a roll up win for Mansoor in just about 3 minutes. The characters of Mace and T-Bar seem so lost but I am very interested in the Ali/Mansoor side of things.

Bobby Lashley vs. Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin

I had deja-vu during all of this. Lashley hit the Dominator on Alexander on top of Benjamin for the double pin in just under 3 minutes. All I have to say is…

John Morrison vs. Riddle

Before Miz and Morrison made their way out to make Kansas City moist AF, AJ and Omos had some words with them. Soon enough we had Riddle with the odds stacked against him. From drip sticks to broken scooters, the distractions became too much and Morrison hit Starship Pain to get the win over Riddle. We need you Randy, we . . .

24/7 Title Match: Reginald vs. R-Truth

It’s time for the main event of my heart! In no time at all, Reggie hit his world famous running flip seated senton for the quick pinfall victory! I don’t have to f*^#ing snap now! #AndStill

Charlotte vs. Nikki Ash

Our final championship contender’s match of the evening even though the contender already has a title shot at Summerslam.

We then had our babyface champion lose clean to Charlotte, grab the mic and say she ALMOST could have won the match.

Luckily for us, a rematch is setup for next week and Charlotte beats down Nikki to close out this week’s show.

Back again next week! Make sure to check out ‘the jaBROnis’ every week which is available on all podcast providers, YouTube and!

. . . jaBROnis out!