Finn Bálor Almost Missed Entrance Cue on Smackdown

WWE’s biggest surprise for their return to live crowds this past Friday on Smackdown went off without a hitch, but that almost wasn’t the case.

Former Universal Champion Finn Bálor made his triumphant return to the main roster last Friday after an almost two-year hiatus. The two-time NXT champ interrupted a segment involving fellow NXT-alum Sami Zayn before clearing him from the ring and standing tall. The return garnered a huge ovation from the Houston crowd, but the marquee moment almost kicked off with a major hiccup.

Bálor himself told the story on this Wednesday’s edition of ‘The Bump’ that he almost missed his cue to walk through the curtain.

“They were sending me from Gorilla, going ‘Finn go, go, go!’ I’m like, ‘I can’t hear my music, I can’t hear my music.’ They were like ‘it’s playing.’ It was a pretty surreal moment. I was kinda like walking out around the curtain making sure my banners were on the tron, you know? I was like, ‘okay, the banners are up so I know something’s happened,’ so yeah, it was a cool night.”

You can see the Bálor’s entire interview on ‘The Bump’ below (Interview begins at the 42:58 mark):

Thankfully for everyone involved Finn’s massive return went off without any issue. As for what’s next in Bálor’s future, there are a few different ways it could go. Tonight’s brawl with Zayn could be the spark of a new rivalry between the two, but Finn also stated that he is gunning for championship gold on the blue brand.

Could we see a confrontation between the Prince and current Intercontinental champion Apollo Crews? Tune in to this week’s edition of ‘Friday Night Smackdown’ at 8 EST to find out.

(Transcription by Ringside News.)