Which World Title Should Kenny Omega Go After Next?

The current AEW, AAA and IMPACT champion Kenny Omega has the wrestling world in the palm of his hand. IMPACT has seen improvements in their ratings and PPV buy since Omega appeared for IMPACT back in December of last year.

“The Belt Collector” will most likely go for another world title to add to his collection. The possibilities are endless and any match-up with Kenny Omega is going to deliver.

The IWGP World Heavyweight Title

The forbidden door is finally opened between AEW and NJPW. Kenny Omega facing the current holder of the IWGP World Heavyweight title Will Ospreay would promise to be an amazing bout and a MOTY candidate for sure.

The story would be there too. Kenny Omega would want to have this new title after NJPW created this new lineage. Omega also has a lot of stories left to be told with guys like Naito, White, Takagi and of course, Okada.

On paper, this would be awesome, but unfortunately travel restrictions and the rise of covid-19 cases in Japan make this a very unlikely title for Omega to pursue.

The NWA World Heavyweight Title

The ten pounds of gold is one of the most prestigious world title in wrestling hostry. Wrestlers like Flair, Thesz, Race, Rhodes, and many more legends of the business have held this title at some point. Kenny Omega adding his name to this lineage would be a major stepping stone for his career.

NWA and AEW have a somewhat of a working agreement, with talent from both promotions being able to work in either promotion, like we’ve seen with Deeb (current NWA women’s champion and contracted to AEW) and Thunder Rosa.

Kenny Omega as NWA World Heavyweight champion would help NWA a lot. The promotion barely gets any attention nowadays and Omega could help NWA with that, just like he did with IMPACT recently. The only problem is that Nick Aldis is not a big fan of Omega and AEW in general, so this world title is very unlikely to be on Omega’s hands.

If Omega wins this title, it would be a great day on wrestling Twitter and besides, Cornette’s rant about this would be amazing.

The GHC Heavyweight Title

Misawa, Taue, Kobashi, Akiyama and Suzuki are some of the legends that held this prestigious title. Kenny Omega going after this title should be a no-brainer for him. Omega and Sanshiro Takagi (president of DDT and NOAH) have a really good relationship, so this door is ope }n nice nicely. We’ve seen wrestlers from DDT and TJPW ( promotions also owned by the parent company of NOAH) wrestled in AEW before.

Keiji Mutoh and Kenny Omega wrestling each other in 2021 is one of those odd dream matches that needs to happen before Mutoh drops the belt or retires.

Similar with the NJPW, the travel restrictions and the rise of covid cases in Japan makes this a very unlikely scenario to happen.

There’s other title Omega could potentially challenger for, like the ROH World title, the KO-D Openweight title (DDT), the Triple crown heavyweight title (AJPW), and so many more. It will be interesting to see which title will Omega go after next.