NXT UK – Recap and Results

Plenty of amazing action on this weeks NXT UK;

Teoman defeated Rohan Raja

*A great opening contest. The long awaited debut of Rohan Raja was here and he looked great in his first outing, showed plenty of heart and fighting spirit, however it was not enough to overcome the experience of Teoman, who was as violent and sadistic as ever. The referee called an end to the match when Raja refused to tap whilst trapped in Teoman’s crossface, leading to Teoman wrenching on the submission and dislocating Raja’s shoulder.

Video package for Mark Andrews, “Flash” Morgan Webster and Dani Luna now going by Sub-Culture.

Backstage Mastiff challenges Ilja Dragunov to a match, as a great way to unleash their anger.

In the ring Sid Scala introduces Kay Lee Ray, before informing her she will face the winner of a 5 person Gauntlet Match which includes, Jinny, Xia Brookside, Dani Luna, Isla Dawn and Emilia McKenzie.

A Video package for A-Kid as he looks ahead to defending his NXT UK Heritage Cup against Tyler Bate.

Sha Samuels Defeated Levi Muir

*A hard Hitting Contest with Plenty of power moves. Sha quickly realised he was not going to bully Muir with his size so he switched tactics, leaning on his experience. Muir was really impressive a great mix of athleticism of Power but it was just not enough to overcome Sha. Sha was able to put an end to Muir’s comeback hitting him with a devastating spinebuster to pick up the win by pin fall.

Sam Gradwell confronts Trent Seven backstage, asking why he is considered the God father of NXT UK when they both started at the same time.

Meiko Satomura defeated Aoife Valkyrie

*A Truly incredible clash of two amazing talents. Valkyrie looked better than ever, she really took the fight to Satomura unleashing a variety of offence, Satomura showed her experience edge keeping her composure she was able to weather the storm from Valkyrie firing back with lethal kicks. The two competitors fought back and forth, Satomura capitalised on an opportunity after Vlakyrie missed her finisher, Satomura would hit Valkyrie with the Scorpion rising Axe kick to pick up the win by pin fall.

A video package for Eddie Dennis, Primate and Tyson T-Bone, revealing the reason behind their new faction name, Symbiosis

A Video package detailing the history of Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan.

Gallus (Wolfgang, Mark and Joe Coffey) defeated Symbiosis (Eddie Dennis, Primate and Tyson T-bone)

*Faction warfare at it finest. Like two local gangs clashing, both these teams went at each other with all they had, Symbiosis did their best to isolate Joe Coffey but Wolfgang and Mark Coffey were able to make the comeback. The match inevitably turned to chaos and carnage, Joe Coffey took advantage of the melee, hitting Primate with the Glasgow send off followed by his All the Best for the Bells tornado clothesline to pick up the win by pin fall.

A fantastic night of action, really highlighted by the match between Meiko Satomura and Aoife which stole the show, Teoman continues to look impressive, yet it was an unfortunate debut for Rohan Raja. Plenty to look forward to including the 5 person Gauntlet match to crown a no.1 Contender for Kay Lee Ray, Amir Jordan vs Kenny Williams loser leaves NXT UK match, Mastiff vs Ilja Dragunov and a possible clash between Trent Seven and Sam Gradwell

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