Progress Wrestling Chapter 109: Dreaming In 3D – Recap and Results

Progress Wrestling were back once again on the WWE Network and on Demand Progress, with Chapter 109: Dreaming in 3D. 6 huge match ups on offer including the first in a best of three series to crown a new Progress Women’s Champion and the last quarter final match in the Progress Tag Team Tournament.

Kid Lykos II vs Luke Jacobs

*Luke Jacobs defeated Kid Lykos II by pin fall.

Kid Lykos tried with all his might but he could not overcome the size difference, he did mange to get some good offence in but could not keep the big man down. Jacobs was technical and brutal in the decimation of Lykos II, he used his size and strength well throwing Lykos II around the ring at will. Jacobs eventually put an end to Lykos II via a clothesline and Suplex driver to pick up the win by pin fall.

Danny Black vs Chris Ridgeway

*Chris Ridgeway defeated Danny Black by pin fall.

Black did his best to play Ridgeway’s game, trying to match him kick for kick, strike for strike, trying engage with grapples but it was when Black picked up the pace, agility and athleticism where he had the most success unfortunately just not enough. Ridgeway used his experience forcing Black to play his game, it was like he took delight in punishing the younger Black, Ridgeway would hit Black with lethal kicks and Stretch Black in painful submissions all with smile on his face. Ridgeway would finally put an end to the match when he hit Black with a Pump Handle Knee Strike and two huge penalty kicks to get the pin by pinfall.

Nick Riley and Charlie Sterling vs Greedy Souls (Brendan White and Danny Jones)

*Nick Riley and Charlie Sterling defeated Greedy Souls by pin fall.

Jones and White hit some absolute brutal offence as the two big welsh men used their size and power, working impressively as a team however despite being the more experienced tag team they could not deal with the combined experience of Riley and Sterling. Despite not tagging together before today, Riley and Sterling were able to use their combined experience to work as an effective unit showing off some great tandem offence, both Sterling and Riley can do some impressive moves for their size. Sterling and Riley would finish Danny Jones with a superkick/brainbuster combination to get the pin fall.

Ethan Allen vs Spike Trivet

*Spike Trivet defeated Ethan Allen by pin fall.

Spike Trivet seemed to have the edge in the grappling exchanges, Trivet was ruthless and vicious yet technical and calculating, attacking every available limb he concentrated his attack on Allen’s knee and ankle. Allen would be able to get the advantage in striking unleashing a torrent of incredible kicks, however the damage done to his knee and ankle some what limited him. Allen showed plenty of heart and courage but Trivet would be able pick up the win by pin fall after a pump handle brainbuster to the Knee.

Mercedez Blaze vs Alexxa Falcon

*Mercedez Blaze defeated Falcon by pin fall

Falcon had the power advantage and used it well, able to run through Blaze on the occasion with shoulder blocks, Falcon would also show off some incredible athleticism. Blaze was clever, calculating and stretching the rules when ever she had a game plan and would eventually capitalize with her incredible tower of blaze cutter to pick up the win by pin fall.

Kanji vs Gisele Shaw

*Kanji defeated Gisele Shaw by pin fall

Shaw looked to Bully Kanji, disrespecting her on more than one occasion but it was part of game plan as she tried to throw Kanji off her game, Shaw would ground Kanji with a ground and pound, she was relentless not giving Kanji any space but could not keep her down.Kanji wouldn’t let Shaw bully her though, showing off her heart, she would kick out off pin attempt after pin attempt, she would look to counter when Shaw became over confident, despite being not able get to maintain offence, Kanji would continuously come back with sporadic offence. Eventually Kanji was able to catch Shaw with a O’Conner roll up to get 1st fall in the best of 3 series.

Some great in ring action plus some intriguing angles from this latest chapter as the rivalry between the Young Guns Ethan Allen and Luke Jacobs and Lykos Gym’s Kid Lykos and Lykos II. Plus with 3 wins in row for Spike Trivet are we seeing our next challenger for Cara Noir’s progress championship. Despite Gisele Shaw literally drawing blood from Kanji, it was Kanji who was able to draw first blood in the best of three series. So plenty to look forward to with the next chapter of Progress wrestling, you can catch all the action from this latest chapter on either the WWE Nework or on Demand Progress.

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