The War is Over! But What’s Next For AEW?

Yesterday in a press release, WWE announced that NXT would be finally moving to Tuesday nights, this puts an end to the Wednesday Night Wars. While the war is over for now, AEW should not take this lightly by any means, but instead means they have to work more than ever.

With the end of the war, AEW will most likely get a viewership and ratings bump like we saw in the few occasions they were unopposed on Wednesdays. On 2020-09-09, Dynamite drew a total of 1,016,000 viewers, so the possibility of AEW drawing 1 million viewers on a consistent basis could be a thing real soon.

AEW Dynamite is always fun watch every week and hopefully we won’t see many changes once they are unopposed. While Dynamite is not the perfect show hopefully with finally just having to focused on themselves and not on a ratings war the show will be able improve even more. Things like the women’s division having more matches during Dynamite could be a reality.

One big change we could see with Dynamite finally being unopposed is a change of their TV format. While having the opener of the episode being free of ads is always great, but it can get a bit repetitive at times, maybe having the third match or the main event free of ads could be a really nice change and switch things up a bit from time to time.

AEW can finally take a breath from this war, but now AEW needs to work harder so they can keep growing as a promotion. Only time will tell if AEW will able to take advantage of this opportunity.