Kurt Angle Says Goldberg’s First WWE Run Was Not Booked Well

WWE Hall Of Famer Goldberg was one of the most popular pro wrestlers during the 90s. He was a mainstay in WCW and truly made a name for himself there with his undefeated streak.

Fans were surprised to see him make his WWE debut back in 2003. Unfortunately, many fans felt that his first run in WWE left a lot to be desired. His second run in comparison turned out better, even though fans believe Goldberg didn’t deserve all the title opportunities he got.

While speaking on ‘The Kurt Angle Show,’ WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle talked about Goldberg’s first run in WWE. Angle stated that WWE didn’t book Goldberg well during his first run, the main issue being the length of his matches.

Goldberg was booked for longer matches in WWE which ultimately hurt his gimmick.“Bill was a complex individual, and he was easy to work with, and nobody had problems working with him. But, you know, what they did with him in the early 2000s when he first came into the WWE, they didn’t book him right. Goldberg made a lot of money for WCW by being dominant. A beast. He dominated the matches.”